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Upcoming events

    • 25-Aug-2017
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • The Brainery, 176 Anderson Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
    Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Change

    Note: This meeting will  be at the Brainery, 176 Anderson  Street. See map below.

    Presenter: Mary Clark

    Learn how play can help you thrive when change occurs in your personal or professional life in this interactive workshop. Participants will consider a change they would like to make, look back on some playful moments they’ve had as adults or children and develop their own recipe for play. I will also share a few of the lessons I’ve learned as a play practitioner and facilitator.

    Why Play? Play is a basic human need, something adults sometimes put on the back burner. It can help us make changes with more ease. It affords us the opportunity to feel safe, engage creatively and focus our attention in healthy ways - sometimes even when we are in uncomfortable situations. Play, as a tool for change, broadens perspective and gives rise to new opportunities, and connections.

    The purpose of this workshop is to give participants an opportunity to reflect on and consider using play literally as a tool to embrace and/or effect change in their lives. Play is a tool that doesn’t have to be downloaded or recharged - it’s ready in your back pocket whenever you choose to use it.

    Workshop participants will have an opportunity to leave with the following take-a-ways:

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:

    1. Play can be used, as a tool, to support personal or professional life changes.
    2. A personal recipe for play that can be developed and used when change knocks at their door.
    3. An understanding of what a play practice is, how to develop one, and a key question, “How can I play with this?


    Mary Clark is a writer, story and play facilitator, and an oral storyteller working in the field of personal leadership, creativity and change. In 1999 she was unexpectedly offered an invitation to play and tell stories by an imaginary 150-pound beagle - little did she know that both play and story would be an integral part of the equation of her future work. She accepted these invitations and began working primarily as a teaching artist. Mary is now taking her work to new audiences - educators and life long learners, organizations, and writers and creatives - one story, one conversation, one playful moment at a time.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Refreshment sponsorships are available.  For information about becoming a Refreshment Sponsor, CLICK HERE or Contact Michael Van der Gaag at 

    Here's a map to The Brainery, 176 Anderson Avenue.

    • 08-Sep-2017
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Ave., Rochester 14618
    Winning Tips for Steady Business Growth

    Presenter: Jill Bates

    J​ill Bates president of Crystal Clear Consulting will share entrepreneurial experiences collected in the past 3 decades
    to help business owners avoid the setbacks and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. 

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:

    1. The importance of your visual presence
    2. Maintaining a relationship with your clients
    3. Implementing creative business ideas


    Jill BatesHello, I’m Jill Bates. I had to learn for myself, often the hard way, what did and did not work while building my successful fashion design studio. My mistakes, and what I did to get back on track, are your gain.

    The mission of Crystal Clear Consulting is to share my 30+ years of business experience with entrepreneurs who need to tap into my proven marketing skills, extensive knowledge, research know-how, and creative acumen.

    Whether you are just getting your idea off the ground, or are poised to grow your business, lacking access to expert advice and being unclear about how to proceed will cost you time and money.

    From setting up and running a business, to promoting my services, and even creating and bringing to market a new product, I have learned strategies that not only avoid obstacles, but will help you achieve your business goals faster.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

    Here's a map to Brighton Town Hall.

    • 22-Sep-2017
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Ave. Rochester 14618
    The three cures for the 800 pound phone syndrome

    Presenter: Lawrence R. Berger

    In business, we have to make calls to contact clients, get financing, deal with vendors,  etc.  Some folks find it hard to make those important calls. In RPCN, we've come to refer to this as "The 800/1000 pound phone syndrome." It comes up month after month as a question in the business forum.

    Of my thirty year sales career, twenty two have been spent selling over the phone and I've come up with three "Cures"  that can help you making those tough calls. Bottom line: if I can show you how to spend less time having problems and more time getting profits, would you come to the presentation?

    Three Key Learnings The Audience Will Take Away From This Program.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:

    1. The three cures.
    2. The meaning of S&D and CPR, NOT what you might think!
    3. Interactive tips to make making calls easier.


    Lawrence Berger spent 25 of his 30 years in sales using telesales methods. He is an author with ten books to his credit and has written chapters on the 800 pound phone syndrome.

    Refreshments for this meeting provided by Mark Dulaney of

    To become a  refreshment sponsor for an RPCN meeting,CLICK HERE or contact Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

    • 13-Oct-2017
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Ave., Rochester 14618
    The Vision Workshop: 3 Keys To Accelerating Your Results for Living the Life You Love Living

    Presenter: Ann Treacy

    Through this Vision Workshop, Ann takes an interactive approach and enables each participant to design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love--a life that is alignment with their highest purpose.

    Through her workshop you will learn:
    Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
    • A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.
    • What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.
    • The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.
    • 3 powerful words that can override any negative belief,and so much more.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:

    1. Discovering their dream or purpose in life
    2. How to eliminate fear, doubt and worry and move toward goals with confidence
    3. How to create a life you love living.


    Ann TreacyFor over 5 years Ann Treacy has worked with individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives in the areas of health, relationships and vocation.

    Ann is a certified Transformational Life Coach and a Holistic Health Coach.  She has a BA in Psychology and a certification as a Nutrition Consultant.

    Her true passion in life is helping others learn how to create a life they love living; one that is filled with health and happiness.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

    Here's a map to Brighton Town Hall.

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24-Oct-2014 Close The Expert-Novice Chasm To Achieve Positive Outcomes
10-Oct-2014 Improving Profits Through Top-Notch Listening
26-Sep-2014 Transforming Kodak Alaris: A customer-driven approach
12-Sep-2014 Helping Your Clients Understand Theirs
22-Aug-2014 Networking for Introverts
08-Aug-2014 Why and How to Blog
25-Jul-2014 The Skype VOIP Program and How to Use It
24-Jul-2014 Exposing the Hidden Consulting Market
11-Jul-2014 Strategic Foresight: Equipping you for competitive advantage in the now & future
27-Jun-2014 Hit the ground running - Starting a new sales effort.
13-Jun-2014 Franchising as a Business: A practical overview of the pitfalls and advantages
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15-May-2014 TrendTalk: Challenges and Opportunities in Rochester’s Human Services Sector
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25-Oct-2013 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Small Businesses
16-Oct-2013 TrendTalk: Challenges and Opportunities in the Rochester High-Tech Sector
11-Oct-2013 Fraud Busting: Prevention and Detection for your Business
27-Sep-2013 RPCN Survey Results
13-Sep-2013 How Consultants Make Money (Note: Extended Program)
23-Aug-2013 Beyond IRA’s: Retirement Plan Options for Consultants
09-Aug-2013 Genesee County: Regional Opportunities
26-Jul-2013 Patenting Under the America Invents Act (AIA)
12-Jul-2013 Getting the most out of your trade show experience
28-Jun-2013 Pinterest for Business
14-Jun-2013 Demystifying Client Attraction
31-May-2013 OACES Program: Influential Leadership
24-May-2013 OACES Program: Telling Your Organization's Story
24-May-2013 How to Use Your Blog to Build Your Business
17-May-2013 Making Decisions Based on Facts - Excel Business Model
10-May-2013 OACES Program: Team Building - It's More Than a Job!
10-May-2013 Communication using Google
03-May-2013 OACES Program: Grants Workshop: How to Find and Get Grants
26-Apr-2013 OACES Program: Engaging Community Partners
26-Apr-2013 Eastman Business Park
19-Apr-2013 OACES Program: Understanding E-body (Online) Language -- CANCELLED
12-Apr-2013 Generating Evidence-Based Outcomes
29-Mar-2013 No Meeting
22-Mar-2013 7 Steps to Marketing Success
08-Mar-2013 Sandy Parker
22-Feb-2013 Data Visualization
08-Feb-2013 Perspectives on Retiring in Time: for yourself, your clients, your family, your legacy
25-Jan-2013 Google Analytics
11-Jan-2013 The Alliance Consultancy Business Model
14-Dec-2012 Tax Update for 2012
30-Nov-2012 How to Keep Your Computer from Catching a Cold or Flu
09-Nov-2012 Communicating Your Value
26-Oct-2012 Communication 101
12-Oct-2012 Business Success - It's All In Your Head!!
28-Sep-2012 What is Six Sigma? -- Location Change --
14-Sep-2012 Inbound Marketing--Location Change
31-Aug-2012 Get R.E.A.L: Unleashing Your Passion with PRsonality--Location Change
24-Aug-2012 Market Research at the Central Library---Location Change
10-Aug-2012 Business Solutions Forums
03-Aug-2012 RPCN Leadership Retreat
27-Jul-2012 Excel for Business Applications
13-Jul-2012 Pinterest --What Is It?
29-Jun-2012 Cloud Computing--What's in It for You?
22-Jun-2012 Leading With Your Strengths
22-Jun-2012 Advanced Excel Workshop
08-Jun-2012 Cultivate Influence
07-Jun-2012 Career Initiative for 16-24 year olds
25-May-2012 The America Invents Act – How It Alters Your Ability to Patent Your Invention
11-May-2012 Effective Problem Solving
27-Apr-2012 OACES/RPCN Literacy Zone – Professional Development Workshops - Organizing
27-Apr-2012 How to Write a Business Plan
13-Apr-2012 Getting Yourself into Print
30-Mar-2012 Customer 3D: A New Dimension
23-Mar-2012 Take Back Your Life: Using Microsoft Outlook to increase Your Productivity
09-Mar-2012 LinkedIn and Twitter Workshop
24-Feb-2012 Consultant as Leader
10-Feb-2012 Excel Workshop
27-Jan-2012 Quickbooks Workshop
13-Jan-2012 Tax Presentation
30-Dec-2011 No Meeting -- Fifth Friday
23-Dec-2011 No Meeting -- Holiday Week
09-Dec-2011 Create a Sizzling Brand
25-Nov-2011 No Meeting -- Thanksgiving Holiday
11-Nov-2011 How Usable Is Your Web Site?
28-Oct-2011 Impression Management, Skill Lab
14-Oct-2011 Impression Management, Using Your First 3 Seconds to Create a Lasting Impression
23-Sep-2011 The Truth About Grants
09-Sep-2011 2011 RPCN Strategy Session --Location Change
26-Aug-2011 Accountability Groups & RPCN Consultants Incubator
12-Aug-2011 RPCN Incubator: Mentoring
22-Jul-2011 Advanced Mail Merge Workshop--Special Location
08-Jul-2011 RIT "Venture Creations" Business Incubator & RPCN Consulants Incubator
24-Jun-2011 Mail Merge Workshop--Location Change
10-Jun-2011 Messaging That Works!
27-May-2011 WORD Styles Workshop
13-May-2011 Panel Discussion: Networking Techniques
29-Apr-2011 Small Business Expo
22-Apr-2011 Skype II Workshop--Location & Time Change
25-Mar-2011 Profile Marketing and SEO 101
11-Mar-2011 Marketing and Consulting to Non-Profits
25-Feb-2011 Microsoft Office Workshop
11-Feb-2011 Getting the Respect You Deserve, Without Self-Sabotage
28-Jan-2011 Skype Workshop
14-Jan-2011 Annual Tax Update
31-Dec-2010 No Meeting--New Year's Eve
24-Dec-2010 No Meeting--Holiday Week
10-Dec-2010 Marketing in the 21st Century
26-Nov-2010 No Meeting--Thanksgiving Holiday
17-Nov-2010 Social Networking Forum Canceled
12-Nov-2010 Harvesting Your Marketing Efforts--Replacement Event
29-Oct-2010 RPCN Strategy Session II
22-Oct-2010 Windows 7 Workshop -- Special Time & Location
15-Oct-2010 Business Forum -- Location Change
24-Sep-2010 Financial Workshop
15-Sep-2010 Writing Your Business Plan
10-Sep-2010 Take Advantage of the RPCN Web Site
27-Aug-2010 Market Research & Competitive Analysis Workshop
19-Aug-2010 Strategy Workshop
09-Jul-2010 Technology: Tools For Business - Part 2
25-Jun-2010 Excel Workshop
25-Jun-2010 LinkedIn Workshop
11-Jun-2010 Technology: Tools For Business
28-May-2010 Google Collaboration Tools
14-May-2010 Building Trust
30-Apr-2010 Introduction to the New RPCN Website
23-Apr-2010 Facebook for Business Workshop
09-Apr-2010 Branding
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