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Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Award Descriptions -- 2021

Each year RPCN presents awards to both members and non-members who have contributed so much to our organization and to our members' growth. This year, the dinner is scheduled to be held on September 22, 2021 at Glendoveers, 2328 Old Browncroft Blvd, 14625. 

Candidates for these awards (an author, another consultant, an entrepreneur or anyone that has contributed to the growth or the development of RPCN or the Rochester area) can be nominated by anyone who can tell a good story about why those nominated deserve to be recognized. Supporting documentation may be provided. Anyone can nominate more than one person in one or more of the categories. A separate form is simply filled out for each nominee.

Below are the five current categories of awards with a description of each.

Consultant’s Consultant

Identify the person you judge to have influenced you the most in your practice, job or business. It could be a role model, an author, one of your clients, a colleague or a consultant or coach that you hired.

Community Champion

This award recognizes the person you judge to have provided direction or guidance that resulted in a noteworthy improvement in your community or community service organization in the area.

Steve Royal Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is in honor of long-time RPCN member, Steve Royal, because of his dedication, consistency, and willingness to learn new things. This award recognizes any successful entrepreneur within the Rochester Region who exhibits these attributes, and has conducted their business successfully for a significant number of years.

Entrepreneur of the Year

What business owner or corporate officer in the Rochester area would you judge to have had the most noteworthy achievement in business? In this broad category you may consider anyone whose benefit to the area landed their business a state award or recognition, anyone who created a significant number of jobs for the year, anyone whose business experienced significant growth, and anyone whose actions or business presence had the most community benefit.

Dave Young Dedicated Service Award (RPCN Member)
This award honors (In Memoriam), Dave Young, a founding member of RPCN. Dave put forward many 'behind the scenes' efforts from the earliest organizational meetings to make RPCN a reality. This award honors any member of RPCN whose efforts of devotion and dedication greatly benefited RPCN’s organization, growth, programs, or standing in the community.

Leadership Award
This award is for a leader within their company and their community, who promotes business growth, and effectively fosters diversity in their business or organization.

Linda Halliburton Friend of RPCN Award (Non-Member)

Any non-member of RPCN whose devotion, dedication or efforts most benefited the RPCN organization, its growth or its programs is eligible for this award.

Note: Nominations for the 2021 Wall of Fame Awards are CLOSED as of July 27, 2021.



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