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Things I've Learned, Part 1

25-Jul-2012 3:03 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
By Dave Young

Things I've Learned
by Dave Young
July 25, 2012

I've learned that H. Jackson Brown, Jr. books are worth buying and reading more than once. CAge 60

I've learned that very few things are black or white; most are somewhere on a long continuum that joins these extremes. Consider sane/crazy, up/down, smart/ignorant, good/bad, love/hate, hot/cold, and heaven/hell.    CAge 60

I've learned that there would be a lot more peace in the world if we would simply tolerate people who look or behave (or believe, or dance, or speak, or whatever) differently from  ourselves. We must give people space in which to be themselves. CAge 60

I've learned that there's more to achieving success and a satisfying old age than being kind, helping others, keeping an open mind, raising a family, showing appreciation, studying like hell, becoming good at what you do, keeping your nose to the grindstone, and believing in God. There's also an element of dumb luck. CAge 60

I've learned that any ten-minute household repair will take at least 4 hours to accomplish. CAge 60

I've learned that any home repair that could be done for $15 by the local handyman can readily be done by a homeowner who is willing work half a day and buy a tool that costs $50 at the hardware storeCbefore calling the handyman. CAge 60

I've learned that whatever you charge for a product or service, someone will think it too much and someone else will think it a bargain. Value is in the eye of the buyer, and is governed by his cash resources. CAge 60

I've learned that unexpected notes of appreciation are treasured long after birthday cards are discarded. CAge 60

I've learned that people really do notice when you're nice. They just don't say anything because they're afraid of appearing sentimental. Someone should set them straight. CAge 60

I've learned that dogs are better listeners than cats. CAge 60

I've learned that dogs are more appreciative than cats. No cat has ever run to meet me with a wagging tail as I came in the door after a hard day's work. CAge 60

I've learned that Aanal retentive@ does have a hyphen, but only when used as an adjective; not when used as a noun. CAge 60



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