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Resolve To Enhance Your Consulting Business in 2013

18-Dec-2012 3:17 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, www.writerruth.com

It’s a new year, and that means we’re all making New Year’s resolutions. Along with those perennial vows to lose weight and otherwise aim for self-improvement, consultants – or people thinking about becoming consultants – can set goals that will help make their professional efforts more successful.

Here are some possible 2013 resolutions. Don’t expect to accomplish all of these; just see them as possibilities for building your business, and give yourself points for any you do achieve. Please feel free to adopt or adapt these for your efforts – and chime in with your own if I’ve left out anything!

• Learn at least one new program, tool, skill, or other resource that could enhance my skills and help build my business.

• Put aside a few dollars a month toward attending an event that could help my business, such as a conference relative to a service I provide, offering a new skill, sponsored by a potential client, or aimed at consulting in general.

• Research and query one prospective new client a month.

• Review my written materials to see if there is the making of a booklet/book (print or electronic), blog, or other way of capitalizing on work I’ve already done.

• Mentor a student or colleague.

• Look into professional organizations to join that might help me build up my business.

• Attend more RPCN meetings and events, as well as those of other groups that could benefit my business.

• Check with local colleges, universities, public school systems, nonprofits, etc., to see whether I can teach a class on whatever my skill set includes and my business does.

• Join a Toastmasters club to develop my public speaking skills.

• Volunteer with a community organization, because it’s good for my soul … and might lead to business contacts.

• Create or enhance a LinkedIn profile and page for my consulting business, and keep it up to date.

• Get someone to help me create a website – and learn how to do my own updates.

• Start a blog about my business niche, and/or contribute regularly to a colleague’s blog, either by posting new information or commenting on colleagues’ posts.

• Be (more) active in social media, but only when I have something substantive to share.

• Try to find time for a creative/artistic endeavor.

• Make time for fun, family, friends, and exercise.

Long-time freelance writer/editor Ruth E. Thaler-Carter (www.writerruth.com) is a newsletter expert and member of the RPCN Communications Committee.


  • 28-Dec-2012 12:03 PM | Deleted user
    HI Ruth, Great article and very thought provoking. I picked up a couple of pointers just in the first reading, and have now printed it out and posted right where I can see it as 2013 begins. Thanks!
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  • 30-Dec-2012 3:51 PM | Deleted user
    Great article Ruth! Thanks for Sharing!
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