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Dave Young Endowment Fund

25-Jan-2014 11:33 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
Contributed by John Foote, Expert Tax Group

As one of the founding members of RPCN Dave Young put forward many 'behind the scenes' efforts from the earliest organizational meetings to make RPCN a reality.  For many years he has published our monthly newsletter, scheduled and opened the meeting room, brought refreshments, kept our telephone, answered every inquiry with utmost courtesy, and welcomed the efforts of each of us with respect.  In addition, he helped personally with many details of the business which has become known as Expert Tax Group.  He designed and proofread the advertising brochure mailed to over 15,000 Rochester homes for each of three years, created the location maps of our offices (still in use), designed the Look and Feel of all our written communications (pre-Internet), and provided good counsel on various aspects of the business.  Organizations benefit from the existence of a continuing endowment fund, available for special projects, capital campaigns, scholarships, awards, and as a backstop against the inevitable "rainy day".  I believe RPCN will benefit from such a fund and want to use it to memorialize Dave Young's many selfless contributions to our organization.

I pledge a contribution of $500 per year for four years, with this check of $250 as a down payment on this year's contribution.  All additional contributions are encouraged and welcome.

John D Foote, Enrolled Agent



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