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New RPCN VP Laurie Enos finds joy in consulting work, partnership model

30-Jun-2015 11:18 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)

By Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, RPCN Communication Committee

RPCN's new vice president, Laurie Enos, brings to the organization a wealth of experience in sales and marketing on the national and local levels.

Enos is the co-president/co-owner of Blue Dog Marketing, a consulting business that she launched in 2012 with Mary Sperr. She had known Sperr for almost 20 years, having met through a mutual involvement in local politics. They joined RPCN not even two years ago and plunged right into active membership, primarily by helping with organizing and promoting its 25th anniversary events.

Here is a video interview with Enos in which you will find out what she likes about consulting.
Laurie Emnos

Before going into her own consulting business, Enos learned the ropes as the sales and marketing director of a national consulting firm that had offices in Houston and San Francisco. "I spent a lot of time in the airport!"

Blue Dog Marketing offers a full range of marketing services, Enos said - from logo design to brochures, from website design to ghostwriting blogs, from event planning to public relations. She and Sperr work with a wide range of clients - one of the aspects of consulting that she especially enjoys. "Our clients are in so many different industries and we enjoy working in the diverse areas," Enos said. "We look for clients that are struggling to market their small business and need/want our help and expertise."

While many RPCN members go it alone, Enos has found that sharing the business with someone else is a great model to use. "Having a partner is a wonderful asset because you're not in this alone and you have another professional to bounce ideas off of," she said.

Enos and Sperr didn't start their own consulting business on a whim. Before launching, they took a course on small business offered by the Small Business Development Council and Monroe County. "It gave us places to seek more information, and we came away with a lot of great ideas and information to start our business," Enos recalled.

RPCN showed up on the duo's radar when Sperr talked with Bob Lurz at an August Group job fair one year. Then a client asked Sperr to go to an RPCN meeting, and she was hooked. "Mary went and later told me that this was a group we needed to join, so we did," said Enos.

Enos has been an active participant in RPCN events and programs almost from the moment she joined and now is an officer of the organization. What led her to be more than a "checkbook member" and get this involved is that "I am one of those people who always gets involved in any organization I belong to," she said. "I was raised to give back and I enjoy doing that. I saw a need while attending meetings and then Dave Bassett asked me to be on his board. A personal 'ask' can make all the difference!"

Being in RPCN has helped her business, Enos said, in the most gratifying way: "We've been fortunate that a few RPCN members have become our clients."

Because Enos and Sperr believe in community involvement, they also belong to the Gates-Chili Chamber of Commerce, where Sperr is the current president; Greece Chamber of Commerce; and Rochester Women on the Move.

Enos and her business partner are the epitome of a successful consulting business. "Mary and I love, love, love what we do," she said. "There is nothing better than seeing our clients succeed because we were able to help them grow their businesses. How awesome is it that people pay us to do what we love!"

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter ( is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader and speaker whose motto is "I can write about anything!"™ She is also the owner of Communication Central (, which hosts a conference for communications entrepreneurs in the fall.



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