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Past Events

Please note that this page is not complete. For the entire list of past events, go to the end of the event listings on the Calendar of Events page.


Digital Marketing on a Shoestring

 01-Nov-2019Technical Forum

Members Only Workshop: Building Your Brand: First Steps


Discovering Your Value to Clients


EHC Lunch & Learn: Performance Assessment: Giving Effective Feedback

 23-Oct- 2019 Casino Night
 18-Oct-2019 RPCN Board Meeting at Irondequoit Public Library
 18-Oct-2019 Business Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
 11-Oct-2019 How Barter Can Help Your Business: Special TIME & LOCATION
 04-Oct-2019 Technical Forum
 27-Sep-2019 Boodlebag - All-In-One Software Platform for Small Business Success
 24-Sep-2019 Special Lunchtime Business Forum
 20-Sep-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
 20-Sep-2019 Business Forum
 18-Sep-2019 EHC Lunch & Learn: Satir Change Model
 13-Sep-2019 Busting the Bunker Mentality and Tips to Increase Proposal Acceptance
 06-Sep-2019 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
29-Aug-2019 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
27-Aug-2019 Members Only Master Workshop: Building an Effective Business Profile
23-Aug-2019 The 10 Questions all Effective Leaders Should be able to Answer

The Ideal Team Player

16-Aug-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
16-Aug-2019 Business Forum
02-Aug-2019 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
31-July-2019 Join RPCN for a night at the ball game
26-July-2019  Relationship Marketing -- Special time: 9:00 am, Gates Library
24-July-2019  Building Trust in Your Value Chain
19-July-2019  Board Meeting

 Business Forum

12-July-2019  Liberating Structures: Getting the most out of your meetings
05-July 2019  No Technical Forum Friday, July 5
28-June-2019 Marketing Methods that Work for Us
21-June-2019  RPCN Board Meeting
 Business Forum


 Building Trust with 7 of Steven Covey's Habits
 Protection for Today's Consultant
07-June-2019  Technical Forum
 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
 No Meeting This Friday
 RPCN Board Meeting
 Business Forum
 The Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence
 Technical Forum
 Patenting Tips to Effectively Protect Your Invention -- SPECIAL TIME & LOCATION
 5th Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Gala
 RPCN Board Meeting
 Business Forum
 Performance Management
 Marketing Methods that Work for Us
Technical Forum
29-Mar-2019 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
26-Mar-2019 Change Management
22-Mar-2019 Contract Provisions that Will Save Your Business Headaches
15-Mar-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
15-Mar-2019 Business Forum
08-Mar-2019 IT Data Security 101 for Business Owners and Managers - What you need to know (in PLAIN ENGLISH)
Technical Forum
Simon Vision  Consulting
01-Feb-2019 Technical Forum
25-Jan-2019 Navigating the Financial Roadblocks for Consultants
18-Jan-2019 Business Forum
16-Jan-2019 Trust - the Essential Ingredient
11-Jan-2019 RPCN...Opportunity outlook for the coming year, and how to benefit from them
04-Jan-2019 Technical Forum
28-Dec-2018 No Meeting This Friday
21-Dec-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
21-Dec-2018 Business Forum
14-Dec-2018 3 Cures for the 800 lb. Phone Syndrome
11-Dec-2018 RPCN 2018 Holiday Party
07-Dec-2018 Technical Forum
29-Nov-2018 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
16-Nov-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
16-Nov-2018 Business Forum - SPECIAL LOCATION
09-Nov-2018 On Target Consulting Process
02-Nov-2018 Technical Forum
26-Oct-2018 Coaching is an Attitude
19-Oct-2018 RPCN Board Meeting - Note LOCATION and TIME
19-Oct-2018 Business Forum --Note LOCATION and TIME
12-Oct-2018 Meet Your Shadow and Maximize Your Potential
05-Oct-2018 Technical Forum
04-Oct-2018 "Absolutely Abby" to speak to RPCN on October 4
28-Sep-2018 Cold, Warm, or Hot Sales Prospect: Which one is it?
21-Sep-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
21-Sep-2018 Business Forum
14-Sep-2018 Sharing Technology Innovation & Small Business Journey to Success
07-Sep-2018 Technical Forum -- SPECIAL TIME & LOCATION



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