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August 2016
In this issue:
  • President’s message: Moving ahead, together!
  • Advertising opportunities on the New RPCN Meeting Information Sheet
  • RPCN Blogging Partnership with Eastman Business Park
  • Making your business better

Moving ahead, together!

By Laurie Enos, President

RPCN has just finished a great year, led by past president David Powe. I plan to keep RPCN going in the direction that David’s term has been directing us. This direction requires many of RPCN’s members to be involved.

We welcome our members to become involved in any committee that interests them. Here are just a few of the ways you can volunteer to help grow our great organization.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, led by Jim Barton, is working hard to welcome new members, increase our membership, and keep our current members active and involved. They are a fun group and would love some more hands helping achieve their goals of increasing RPCN membership and retaining current members.

Blogging Program

Do you love to write? Have you wanted to start blogging? RPCN has implemented a blogging program for the Eastman Business Park (EBP). Currently, members are blogging for them twice a month. We are looking to provide blog posts once a week starting in January 2017.

Do you have a great topic you’d like to blog about that the businesses at Eastman Business Park would find of interest? If so, contact the Blogging Committee at by Thursday, September 1, 2016. The committee wants to get a 2017 editorial calendar put together and share it with EBP by the beginning of October.

RPCN Conference Committee

The next RPCN Conference – “Lead. Market. Sell.” – will take place on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at the Radisson Airport Hotel (175 Jefferson Road in Henrietta). It is an all-day sales and marketing conference. We are looking for volunteers for the day of the conference to help with registration, vendors and speakers. If you’d like to participate, contact Conference Committee chair Bob Manard at Our conference will only be a great success if all RPCN members participate.

Getting involved not only helps RPCN grow – it can help your consultancy grow, too. As members get to know you better and work with you, they will better understand what you do and who your customers are, making it easy to refer business to you.

Advertising opportunities on the New RPCN Meeting Information Sheet

Laurie Enos

Starting in September, RPCN will be passing out Meeting Information Sheets to all meeting attendees. The Meeting Information Sheets will have a list of upcoming meetings for the quarter, as well as a “Save the Date” listing for events such as our Wall of Fame Awards Dinner and Holiday Party.

Members and non-members will be allowed to advertise on the Meeting Information Sheets for a low fee of $25 per ad. The ad will be printed on each sheet for an entire quarter. The first Meeting Information Sheet advertisers will receive September as a free month of ad time.

These Meeting Information Sheets will be distributed to each attendee every month, giving ads exposure to the average monthly number of attendees of 200.

To advertise, send a .jpg of your ad or a scan of your business card (and we’ll design a small ad for you) to Ads are approximately 2½” square.

Promote your business to RPCN members and visitors!

RPCN Blogging Partnership with Eastman Business Park
Laurie Enos and Sandra Glanton

RPCN has created an alliance with the Eastman Business Park (EBP). One part of this alliance is that RPCN members are blogging for EBP twice a month. Blogging for EBP is an opportunity for our members to showcase their expertise.

EBP wants to create a great experience for their tenants. Part of that experience involves educating and sharing information. RPCN members are experts in their fields and have such diverse offerings that we can bring a wealth of knowledge to the tenants of Eastman Business Park.

For more information about EBP, and to see who their 66 tenants are, visit Below are the rules and the submission process for the blogs.

Blogging Program Committee

RPCN has created a Blogging Program Committee, chaired by Bob Lewis. All blogs should be sent to

Rules and the Submission Process for the Blogs


  • The blogger must be a current RPCN member.
  • The blog must be educational.
  • The blog must be a maximum of 250–500 words. The ideal length is 150–250 words.
  • You must include an image with your blog, and you must have permission to use it.
  • A maximum of three (3) brief sentences at the end of the blog can be about the author and have the author’s contact information.

Submission Process:

RPCN has a topic for each scheduled blog post. The topics, and their scheduled publication dates, are shown below.

1. RPCN members should submit a blog title with a brief description (one to two paragraphs) of what will be covered to the RPCN Blogging Program Committee email (

2. A confirmation email will be sent back to each submitter to indicate the blog title and description were received.

3. The Blogging Program Committee will choose the date your blog will be published and you will be informed of the date the completed blog is due to RPCN. Note: The completed blog will be due at least two weeks before it is published.

4. A confirmation email will be sent back to the submitter when the completed blog is received.

5. To ensure a high-quality product, the RPCN Newsletter Committee will review and edit all blogs submitted. If your blog does not pass the review, it will be sent back to you for final edits with suggestions for how to improve it.

6. Steps 3 and 4 will be repeated and the blog returned to the author, if necessary, for additional edits.

7. The final blog will be submitted to the RPCN Blogging Program Committee email ( by the author.

8. A confirmation email will be sent back to each submitter to indicate the final blog was received and also when it is sent to Eastman Business Park.

RPCN will schedule all blog posts. Your post may not be the week you desire, but it will be published within the Blogging Topics Schedule below.

RPCN 2016/2017 Topics Schedule for Eastman Business Park Blogging Program:

Completed blog posts are due to the Blogging Program Committee at least two weeks before each date!

September 7 - Project management

September 21 - Small business marketing

October 5 - Clean rooms

October 19 - Health insurance for yourself & your company

November 2 - Training

November 16 - IT issues

November 30 - Chemical engineering

December 14 - Customer usability

December 28 - Operations excellence

January 4 – Grants

January 11 - Technical writing

If you are an RPCN member and you have an idea for a blog, click on the link below to submit the following via email to the RPCN Blogging Program Committee:

  • Blog Title
  • A brief one- to three-paragraph description

We want you!

The RPCN newsletter welcomes news, success stories, tips, resources, events and other items that would be of broad interest to consultants. Submit a newsletter item by email to the Newsletter Committee.

RPCN members also may write articles for our website; submit articles here. In the newsletter, we'll highlight submitted articles aimed at helping consultants make their businesses better. If you have newsletter questions or suggestions, or ideas for how RPCN could improve communications, contact the Newsletter Committee: Sandy Glanton, Chair; Ruth E. Thaler-Carter; Steve Royal; Mary DeFranco. Please send articles for the September newsletter by August 15.

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