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Boodlebag - All-In-One Software Platform for Small Business Success

  • 27-Sep-2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • 5 Star Bank, City Gate


  • No Charge

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Presenter: Jonah Inikori

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of businesses fail within 5 years, and 67% within 10 years. Failure more than often can be attributed to lack of knowledge, insufficient skills, lack of access to needed technology, lack of funding, and not having the right support network to assist on the journey. In this talk you will learn of technological innovations developed by Boodlebag that will help alleviate these problems.

Key Learning #1: What is Boodlebag

Key Learning #2: Introduction Boodlebag features

Key Learning #3: Boodlebag Live Demo

Jonah Inikor

Jonah Inikori is the founder and CEO of Boodlebag, a Rochester NY founded technology company with the mission of eradicating poverty world wide through it's technology.

Jonah has been an entrepreneur from childhood, selling recyclable materials back to merchants at the tender age of 8, then launching a short-term loans business for families in high school helping them meet immediate needs. Jonah went on to study computer science at the University of Rochester after high school and launched a career as a software engineer afterwards, working as a consultant with Kodak, then taking a full-time position with Xerox, and later on Frontier Communications. As a software engineer, Jonah's area of expertise is in architecting large scale enterprise software systems, supporting tens of millions of users. In 2006 Jonah took his passion for ballroom and Latin dance to the next level by launching Inikori Dance Studio, a ballroom and Latin dance studio that quickly became one of the most prominent dance studios in the Rochester area.

In running Inikori Dance Studio, it became apparent to Jonah the many limitations and challenges entrepreneurs face in achieving success, like not having the needed knowledge to enable successful participation in a particular type of business or in business in general, or the ever present limitation not having unlimited funds pose on the outcomes of a business. Jonah felt these limitations result particularly in small business owners struggling to achieve success, and what results in 50% of them failing within 5 years. This then becoming a deterrent to many from even considering entrepreneurship as a path to prosperity. As a software engineer, Jonah proceeded to develop technology to help him overcome these challenges. In 2019, Jonah started releasing some of this technology for use by other small business owners through his venture Boodlebag.

Location: TBD

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