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The Power of Lying to Yourself

  • 22-Nov-2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Five Star Bank at City Gate


  • No Charge

Registration is closed

Presenter: Mark Dulaney

Are you ready for something different? Something real? Something with the potential to change the trajectory of your income, business, body, bank account, relationships and your life?

This is not a feel-good motivational presentation. There will not be a miraculous strategy that will solve your problems.

This is a presentation that will force you to take a factual look at yourself and your thoughts, choices, actions, words, questions and the results they create and you are living with today.

So many people believe that the solution to their problems lies somewhere outside of them. That would mean that the solutions to those problems are out of their control and someone or something else must change in order to solve those problems.

I created this talk to help those who are willing to consider that the only solution their problems is them. And it all starts with a willingness to STOP LYING to yourself and others.

When this talk is over you will either hate me or you will see your role in every problem, struggle and negative result you have (other than unfortunate events or purely bad luck).

More importantly, you will have a path forward, a path that you have total control over, for solving problems, ending struggle and improving results.

Other than that, this talk will do nothing for you!

  • Key Learning #1: Three types of lies you tell and the problems they create
  • Key Learning #2: The future pain and problems you can avoid by facing up to your lies
  • Key Learning #3: How admitting to the facts opens the doors to greatness

Mark Dulaney

Mark Dulaney started Strangers Into Clients in 2005 after quitting his full time job as a chemical technician. Mark started a research project in 1985 that has become the foundation of his information and how he helps his clients today.

Mark is the author and publisher of five books including Wealthodology, The Devil’s Playbook and Listen Up ladies, The Lady’s Guide To Understanding Men.

Mark’s goal is to help everyone who sells and markets or owns a business to generate income to do three things:

  1. Convert Strangers into Profitable Clients
  2. Build a business you own and makes money for you instead of owning a job you must work to make money.
  3. Create a balanced successful life that includes health, family, love, sex and financial security.

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Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

For a description of where to park, CLICK HERE.



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