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Ray Farrell and Bre Morris present: How to make an impactful video for Social Media/TV/Website

  • 09-Oct-2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Online webinar using Zoom

This meeting will be held online using Zoom. You do not need an account with Zoom. To register for this meeting, click on:

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How to make an impactful video
for Social Media/TV/Website 

Presenter: Ray Farrell and Bre Morris

We’re living in changing times and a lot of businesses are having to realign their business and marketing goals as a result. This session will focus on how to implement video into your marketing campaign. Video connects the audience with you and your brand unlike any other medium. The power of a strong brand presence through video is unmatched. We will walk you through all of the details of how to get started, the importance of sharing your content and go over all of the tools you need to take a next step with your video project. If you are a business owner and aren’t sure how to begin an online presence through video, this is for you!

- Key into what you want to communicate.
- Is it for this moment/season or do you want to use this video for an extended period?
- What equipment do you need?
- Get the right personnel
- How to light?
- Where do I want to shoot my video?
- How to remember your lines and come off natural?
- Can I shoot more than one concept at a time?
- Why use a spokesperson?
- Video length
- Why editing matters
- Example of video concept
- How to post to social media - quick information
- TV with social media posts (boosted) gets you the most views.

Key Learning #1: Using video to promote your business
Key Learning #2: How to connect with a larger audience on social media using video
Key Learning #3: The actual “how to” of video creation and implementation for a brand

Bre Morris

Bre Morris is the founder and owner of B.Mor Marketing and helps small to medium sized business owners establish a strong brand identity through strong public relations and overall brand awareness. Bre works hard to help business owners align their overall business goals with their marketing objectives and as a result b.mor successful!
Ray Farrell

Ray Farrell is the Account Supervisor for The Farrell Edge. Offering full service and project based marketing packages. We have 3 advertising areas of focus: social media, videos, and website design. Our company has over 30 years of marketing experience helping small to medium sized businesses. We are results oriented to get you in front of the most eyeballs and ears to help your business grow and succeed.  

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