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Simon Vision Consulting: A Mentoring Opportunity

  • 22-Jan-2021
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Online webinar using Zoom


This meeting will be held online using Zoom. You do not need an account with Zoom. To register for this meeting, click on:


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Simon Vision Consulting: A Mentoring Opportunity

Presenter: Jason Zhang / Dave Bassett

Simon VISION Consulting is a student-led, pro-bono consulting organization operated by the Simon Business School. Jason Zhang, the acting president, will be hosting an informational presentation about VISION Consulting and its growing partnership with RPCN members.

VISION Consulting has relied on RPCN to provide its student project managers and consultants with mentors and industry experts, helping them improve upon the quality of their final deliverable.

On behalf of Simon VISION's leadership board, we invite you to attend the presentation to learn about how the consultancy has impacted the Greater Rochester Area, as well as upcoming opportunities for you to be involved as an industry adviser and also how you or a client of yours could become a client of VISION Consulting and receive FREE help with your or their business.

Key Learning #1: You will learn how Simon VISION Consulting has been benefiting the local business community.

Key Learning #2: You will learn how you as an RPCN member could help with the program as a mentor.

Key Learning #3: You will learn how you or a client of yours could benefit directly by having a Simon VISION Consulting team help you resolve a current business “opportunity.”                                                            

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