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CREAVELOP Nine Dishes for Your Communication Buffet

  • 28-May-2021
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Online using Zoom


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CREAVELOP Nine Dishes for Your Communication Buffet

Presenter: Rhonda Bowen (direct from Germany)

Communication across cultures: what does that bring to your mind? Foreign countries, people from other offices or departments, your business partners? Yes, all of the above. Although we communicate all the time, do we actually think about how well we do it? Or do we just realize how complex it is when there are misunderstandings?

Join us for an introduction to nine aspects that can help you pinpoint what is happening (or not) when you communicate, and through stories and interactions, discuss how you can check your level in each of the nine areas. What is the result? Insights into fundamentals of communication that can make our messages more effective and efficient, which lead to saving time and resources and achieving our goals with more impact.

Key Learning #1: Identify nine crucial aspects of communication
Key Learning #2: Awareness of where communication breaks down and why
Key Learning #3: Self-assessment and development of communication skills


Rhonda BowenRhonda L. Bowen is a communication guide with over 30 years’ experience in communicating across cultures, negotiation, facilitation and supporting teams. As an American who has lived in Germany since 1983, she has worked with people from more than 70 countries. Her coaching practice, established in 1988, has brought insights and support to thousands of BEST professionals (business, engineering, science and technology). Rhonda L. Bowen offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual and team coaching, to negotiation seminars and online and offline facilitation for corporations and organizations. Rhonda L. Bowen specializes in helping BEST professionals to become more effective and efficient in their communication across cultures. This saves time, resources and effort and leads to better results and higher success in achieving business and personal goals. To contact Rhonda L. Bowen please visit her on LinkedIn.

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