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Demystifying the Cold Call

  • 10-Feb-2023
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Zoom or In-Person
Demystifying the Cold Call

(Attend IN PERSON or on ZOOM - See below)

Note: To register for this meeting on Zoom, please click on this link:

resenter: Dana Abramson

Presentation Overview:

You are a good person, your business brings proven value, and some of your potentially great clients aren’t responding to your marketing and social media. What positive outcomes could happen if you could just talk to them quickly and directly? Join us for an entertaining and informative presentation that explores the misconceptions associated with the word cold calling due to the pervasive use of ineffective (and irritating) techniques. That negative personal experience we have each experienced leads to the presumption that we will automatically be seen as the same. Who wants to be part of that? We will share time-tested skills and techniques that will enable a motivated, goal oriented entrepreneur to engage a prospect, have fun, be an opportunity seeking professional, without the stigma or fear of rejection.

Key Learning #1: Telemarketing industry has conditioned consumers to avoid contact.

Key Learning #2: Skills and techniques to overcome this negative connotation.

Key Learning #3: Cold-calling could be fun and rewarding if done right.


Dana Abramson
If you subscribe to bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice, plus talent, to achieve mastery — I’ve achieved mastery. I have spent, on average, two hours per workday for the last 26 years making unsolicited phone calls — cold calls — introducing products, services, and causes with the purpose of educating business consumers. I take pride in the work I do and feel privileged to have the opportunity to represent; inventors, developers, advocates, entrepreneurs and businesses that have a compelling message to share.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped my clients identify strategies that achieve their desired performance improvement goals. Whether they’re trying to acquire a loyal customer base, encourage steps-to-the-sale initiatives for their channel partners, or motivate a sales team, I’ve helped design strategies that cover all. What I focus on is simple: proving ROI and accelerating growth. How we get there is up to you, your audience, and your business and culture. What makes me different from other efficiency strategists? I have a strategic understanding of business and take a tactical approach to help you achieve your goals.

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SPECIAL NOTE: This will be a hybrid event where You can attend in-person or by Zoom.

To attend by Zoom, register and click the linkn above.

To attend in person at Al Sigl Center, register and follow these details:

LOCATION: Al Sigl Center Golisano Building, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester NY 14620
FREE PARKING: In the lot at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and South Avenue
ENTRY DOOR: Door #1 that faces Elmwood Avenue at the corner of South Avenue.
CONFERENCE ROOM: Justin Vigdor Room, to the right after entering Door #1.
TIME: 8:00am meeting start; folks that are setting up will be there by around 7:45am. We have the meeting space reserved until 10am, allowing for networking time after the meeting.

COST: Free

For a map of the building, including directions to the Parking Lot and Door #1, CLICK HERE.

To view several photos of the building, parking area, and conference room, CLICK HERE.

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Contact us at if you experience any trouble registering for this event.



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