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 Questions from the Business and Technical Forums

Find out what you're missing at our monthly Technical and Business Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

  • 18-Oct-2021 3:50 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How can we let people know that the Business Forum is amazing?
    • How do Im develop a good tag line?
    • Where are some places to network in person?
    • What are the most productive methods to find business contacts?
    • How good is lead generation software?
    • Should I join a consulting consortium?
  • 02-Oct-2021 4:53 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Why can't I access Google Groups any more?
    • Why won't the cover of my document print?
    • Why has the signing-in to my computer changed?
    • Is it bad to have Bluetooth on all the time?
    • Can I split my Verizon payments?
    • Is anyone planning on getting the early version of Windows 11?
    • Where is the best location for my 7.1 surround-sound speakers?

  • 02-Oct-2021 4:47 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • What should I do if someone has stolen my identity?
    • What should I do with unwanted "stuff" when moving?
    • Should I get business insurance? 
    • How do I deal with "Zoom fatigue"?
    • What are some ways of putting yourself "out there"?
  • 04-Sep-2021 11:45 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Why is Outlook unexpectdly converting PDF to JPGs? 
    • Can I link my meetings to my Google Calendar?
    • Why does Edge keep awakening after I put it to "sleep?"
    • Why does my new computer have me as the owner twice?
    • What are the security issues when using Bluetooth or sharinmg a screen?
    • How do I set up my new smartphone?
    • What do we know about Windolws 11?
    • When my laptop is charging, will it start a fire?
  • 23-Aug-2021 1:43 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Should I buy liability insurance?
    • Can I use my business credit card for personal expenses?
    • How do I downsize my business?
    • How do I know when it's time to "refresh" my website?
    • How do I add a PayPal payment option to my websikte?
    • How can I get Facebook stop charging for an ad I didn't take out?
    • What is the next step for me on solcial media?
    • What is a "B" corporation?
    • What are some good books about consulting?
    • Where can I find a list of former RPCN speakers?
  • 10-Aug-2021 1:06 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Do I need a VPN?
    • How do I fix a very old HP printer?
    • What is the best way to wipe a PC clean before discarding it?
    • Why won't Windows Defender work on my computer?
    • Does Gmail automatically save email senders to my Contacts list?
    • How do I decide wich new computer to buy?
  • 18-Jul-2021 4:23 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • For my business, what should my title be?
    • Why do post-CIVID-19 contracts seem to be looked at differently than before?
    • How should I look at intuition about potential clients?
    • how do you decide on the validity of the source of facts to mke decisions?
    • What decision-making-process should I use?
  • 04-Jul-2021 3:00 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How do I search for a certain email?
    • Why is Spectrum bouncing my newsletter emai?
    • Why can't I email picttures from my phone?
    • How can I tell if an app is legitimate or not?
    • Why am I getting messages frrom Mailchimp?
  • 22-Jun-2021 2:51 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How should I use photography in my business?
    • How do I deal with a client too busy to follow-through
    • How do I have a client sign a contract sign electronically?
    • What is the best way of alerting clients when I am in the hospital?
    • What should my blogging strategy be?
  • 08-Jun-2021 11:38 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Why did my computer tell me it could not access a hard drive?
    • Is management responsible for hacked passwords?
    • What can I do about hacking?
    • Do reports on junk files mean anything?
    • Can I set Zoom to update automatically?
    • How many in this group use autoresponders?
    • What do performance reports on Google mean?
    • Should I update my computer when asked?
    • How do I deal with problems on Microsoft Teams?
    • Does anyone use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?



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