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Book Reviews by the Business Source

These are extensive reviews provided by The Extensive reviews of business books for small businesses. New books reviewed every month. Just click on the book title

At the bottom of each"quick" review, there are links to viewing options of the "full" review.

April 2009

 Book Reviews: April 2019

LifeStorming by Paul J. Sak

The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies

Skin in the Game by Nicholas Taleb

Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life

The Inspiration Code by Kristi Hedges

What EXACTLY do inspiring leaders do differently?

May 2019

Soon You May Not Even Have to Click on a Website Contract to Be Bound by Its Terms by ProPublica

Soon you may be deemed to have agreed to a company's terms without even knowing it.

Five Questions to Ask Before Responding to an RFP by Attorney at Work

Excerpt: All law firms, even solo practices, need to educate themselves on the best way to respond. Responding to RFPs can be time-consuming and expensive. Deciding whether to respond or pass requires some strategic thinking. It is important to have a formal response process that asks the right questions to evaluate whether an opportunity is worth pursuing.

This applies not only to law firms, but consultants also. The website "Attorney at Work" has a gold mine of information. It's so good, that I have subscribed to their daily newsletter. I'm not an attorney, but work with them, so this may give me "stuff" to share with them.

Ruth G. Balkin



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