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Does Carbonite Back Up Programs?

07-Feb-2011 4:16 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
by Steve Royal
Based on an article by Kim Kommando

At the last Tech Forum, the online backup program, Carbonite, was discussed. It was mentioned that Carbonite won't back up your programs, just your files. If there was a disaster, your program discs would be destroyed. And then you wouldn't be able to open your files.

Some say that Carbonite is the best backup solution around. It stores your files in a secure, remote location. This keeps them safe from a localized disaster.

However, Carbonite doesn't back up programs. That's because it wouldn't do you any good. Windows programs are notoriously difficult to back up and restore.

To do this properly, you would need to create a full disc image. But no remote backup system does that. A disc image would be far too large. And even then, some programs won't run after the image is restored.

Windows 7 has a good image backup process without going online at all. The backup “image’ is best stored on an external hard drive.

You shouldn't have to worry about it losing a program, however. Most of your files should be common formats, like JPEG or DOC. Even Windows can view them without extra programs. They can also be opened on other computers and smart phones.

Besides, almost any program can be purchased again. But replacing that once-in-a-lifetime photo file is impossible. A backup isn't just about saving money; it's about saving memories.

The only potential problem is older programs and proprietary file formats. Even then, there are file converters that can probably help. If the program is incredibly obscure, then you should be concerned. It is recommended that a fireproof safe or safety deposit box for those program discs. And you might think about switching to a newer program.

Carbonite is used to keep information safe. It comes highly recommended. It also features a 15-day free trial. But remember, it only backs up files, not programs.



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