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 Questions from the Business and Technical Forums

Find out what you're missing at our monthly Technical and Business Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

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  • 03-Dec-2022 1:10 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)

    • Why can't I get FileZilla to open?
    • What is this message I'm getting from Norton?
    • Can I (or should I) delete miscellaneous messages in LinkedIn?
    • Why do my phone charges keep going up?
    • Why is Spectrum not synching properly?
    • Has my Hotmail account been hacked?
    • Why am I having problems with my cell phone?
    • Why did I get the dreaded "blue screen?
    • Why doesn't my new video camera work on Zoom?
    • Where did my collection of virtual backgrounds go?
  • 28-Nov-2022 3:16 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Should I do my own taxes or pay to have them done?
    • Where can I get help starting my business?
    • What apps are available for checkling prices?
  • 08-Nov-2022 12:47 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Should I repair or replace my MacBook?
    • How do I retrieve Zoom Chat files from the cloud?
    • What are TV/Media options?
    • What are the best phone options?
    • How can Alexa be used?
    • Should I buy a new monitor with or without built-in mic and speakers?
    • What kind of external hard drive should I buy?
  • 01-Nov-2022 3:55 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How do I get involved in podcasting?
    • What are security options when sharing?
    • Should I consider Academy training?
    • What are the tax implications for LLCs?
    • Where should I put my efforts - podcasting or a blog?
  • 11-Oct-2022 1:19 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Should I download Windows 11?
    • What are all these notices from LinkedIn?
    • Is there a charge for books from Kindle?
    • What happens if I perform a business transaction on my PayPal personal accoumt?
    • How do I collect email adresses for an email marketing campaign?
    • What should I consider when buying a new laptop?
    • What should I consider when buying a new desktop?
    • What is "Venmo"?
  • 17-Sep-2022 1:14 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How can we get people to check books out of the RPCN library?
    • How do you know when your business is "just not working"?
    • What kinds of business apps are helpful?
    • How often sholuld I revisit my business focus?
    • Should consultants have a bussiness and/or strategic plan?
  • 02-Sep-2022 2:48 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • What is HP Wolf Security and should I have it?
    • Why can't I start Messenger on Facebook?
    • Why is my computer asking for a re-start?
    • Do I have to notify anyone because AAA is changing banks?
    • Why won't Firefox open my  Hotmail?
    • How can I pull photos off my phone?
    • Who can recommend a webcam for Zoom meetings?
    • How do I turn off my phone?
    • What is this flashing warning on my laptop?
  • 02-Sep-2022 2:42 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Are there any paymnent issues with a Canadian client?
    • How do I deal with price scope creep?
    • What are some alternatives to having a website?
    • How can I expandmy services without adding employees?
  • 10-Aug-2022 2:58 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Anything new about Windows 11?
    • What is "Box" cloud storage?
    • Why can't I access some websites from Outlook?
    • Do I need an external hard drive for backup?
    • Why are a number of my emasils suddenly missing?
    • Do I have a connector problem?
    • What is the Vivaldi web browser?
    • Is my Google list OK?
    • Should I install Malwarebytes?
    • Should I buy cleaner for the exterior of my phone?
    • In, can I print a "tree" without the images?
    • How can I stop enail messages that I don't want?
  • 16-Jul-2022 1:18 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How do I determine my value to a client?
    • What should I do with all of the old hard copy RPCN Newsletters?
    • What is retirement?
    • Who should I talk to: managers or workers?
    • Should I get paid for my time if I can't find the information a client wanted?

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