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 Questions from the Business and Technical Forums

Find out what you're missing at our monthly Technical and Business Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

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  • 03-Jun-2023 3:33 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Should I revalidate Office 365 when it asks me to?
    • Why is my phone logging me out after a short time?
    • What is this strange square thing on my laptop screen?
    • Why, after an iPhone update, can't I open my email?
    • How do I best change  primary email addresses?
    • Why am I not getting RPCN emails like I used to?
    • Do I have to store my pictures in the cloud?
    • How do I fix Firefox?
    • How do I set up for Internet in my new living accomodations?
    • How can I transfer my documents from my iMac into Word?
    • How can I get as much television as possibe for the lowest price?
  • 25-May-2023 5:26 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Where can I find some good (free) project management software?
    • Where do I find good Board members for not-for-profits?
    • Has anyone been surprised by a particular marketing strategy?
    • How do I wind down my business while transitioning into retirement?
    • What are some ideas for developing my business?
    • How can I best use surveys as a maeketing tool?
    • What are siome old vs. new ways of acquiring new customers?
  • 05-May-2023 1:10 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • What can I do about  robocalls and spam-type phone calls.
    • What's a good audio-to-text program?
    • How should I dispose of propane  grill starters?
    • How are auction sites other than E-Bay?
    • How should I react to messages about my phone on my phone?
    • What kind of security programs do I need on my computer?
    • Which is better for text messages: RCS or SMS?
    • How good is Wild Apricot for large organizations?
    • Can I get TV service through Greenlight?
    • Why doesn't the meeting Zoom link transfer to my Google calendar?
    • Why can't I transfer files from my iPhone to myiPad?
  • 21-Apr-2023 3:56 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • What are some aids that can be used for hiring people?
    • How do I re-activate a Foursquare website with a different dmain name?
    • What are some lessons learned in your business?
    • What should I do if my business is at a "dead stop"?
    • How I adjust my life after moving?
  • 08-Apr-2023 3:16 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How can I get my online calendars to notify me weekly?
    • What is the best way to stream TV?
    • Which carrier should I use for my new iPhone?
    • Can I still use an old "multi-function" box?
    • What is "What's App"  and what does it do?
    • What are some printer recommendations (except HP)?
    • How do I integrate api?
    • How do I integrate all of my calendars?
    • What is a good phone number "reverse lookup" service?
    • Why does my wireless printer only work sporadically?
    • How can I save files on both my desktop and laptop computers?
    • Is it better to answer an obviou spam call or just let it ring?

  • 21-Mar-2023 1:05 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • When we move to a new location and I slowly retire, how do I handle notifying and thanking my clients?
    • Where can I find coaches/clients for neurological problems?
    • What is a good CRM (Customer Resource Management) program?
    • How do I expand outside of Rochester?
    • How do I find cameraderie in an organization?
    • How do I connect with small businesses outside of Rochester?
  • 04-Mar-2023 12:36 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Who knows about how Windows 11 is working?
    • Does anybody know how the Capital One discount program works?
    • Will my older version of Quickbooks continue to work?
    • How can I get better resolution when I watch from my computer to my TV?
    • What should I do about an update to my Mac?
    • Where can I find an inexpensive website vendor?
    • How well does Greenlight work?
    • Can partition my external drive?
    • Where did my document folders go?
    • Should I update my Epson printer?
    • Where can I take old computer equipment?
    • How do I set up a new smnartphone?

  • 18-Feb-2023 3:30 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Where can I get a 3rd party driver for my HP pinter?
    • If I close my business, how can I get legally paid?
    • What books/podcasts do you use in your business?
    • How should I begin re-negotiating a contract?
    • How can I attract new clients in LinkedIn?
    • What are some business processes?
    • How do I deal with being employed and being a consultant at the same time?
  • 04-Feb-2023 5:41 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • How does Chat GPT work?
    • How do I use Dropbox?
    • How do I transfer my technical information when I move?
    • Why has the mail format changed in Outlook?
    • Why does Microsoft keep sending messages about Skype for Business?
    • Can someone help me rebuild my laptop?
    • How carefully should I read "Read Carefully" notices?
    • What should I do when my C-drive drive is full?
    • What kind of changes are being made to cloud storage?
    • How do I get my new cablebox to start up on the channel I want?
  • 26-Jan-2023 12:56 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)

    • Which is better for my business -- a website or LinkedIn?
    • What are the top three questions I should ask my clients?
    • How do I balance doing work for free versus doing work for pay?

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