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October 2012 Technical Forum Questions

05-Oct-2012 2:14 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
Submitted by Steve Royal

  • What is "Scoop-It?"
  • How can I send an email to many people without everyone's name being visible in the email?
  • Can I remotely access a remote computer if it is "sleeping" or turned off?
  • Why am I getting an error message about a device driver not working and then working again?
  • Why does LinkedIn tell me that it does not support my email service?
  • Why does LinkedIn keep asking me for my email password?
  • How do I set up my tablet to be able to access my desktop computer?
  • Can I link several cells at once in Excel or do I have to link them one-by-one?
  • Why is the text in my Excel document suddenly very small?
  • Why am I having problems retrieving data from Carbonite?



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