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December 2012 Technical Forum Questions

07-Dec-2012 2:25 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
Reported by Steve Royal

  • What free software is available for converting DVDs for uploading to You Tube?
  • How do I turn off the predictive text on a smartphone?
  • Is there a "preferred" online calendar?
  • Which WiFi router should I buy?
  • Can I separate the programs from the files when backing up my laptop?
  • Why are there so many temporary files on my Western Digital external hard drive?
  • How do I sync Google Calendar on my Droid with my computer?
  • How do I prevent spam emails on my blog?
  • Why have I been unable to open Firefox lately?
  • Why can't I find a Help section on an older version of Word?
  • Where are Favorites and other features on Google Chrome?



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