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August 2014 Technical Forum Questions

01-Aug-2014 12:53 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Where did my desktop toolbar go and how do I get it back?
  • How do I convert web articles to Word documents?
  • What is a good Photoshop-type program for putting pictures on the web?
  • How do I put a second licensed copy of Norton Anti-Virus on my laptop?
  • How can I scan multiple pages and save as one document?
  • Can I convert an Android computer to Windows?
  • How do I install a printer on my Android computer?
  • Can I get my Road Runner mail on my Android computer?
  • Notice: There are hundreds of new domain name extensions available to check out for your web site.
  • What is the best way to effectively use crowd-sourcing?
  • When transferring files from one computer to another, can many files be transferred at once or do they have to be transferred individually?
  • Where can I get slides and photographs converted to digital?



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