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June 2015 Technical Forum Questions

07-Jun-2015 1:50 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • What should I do about Windows 10?
  • Why is Quicken 2015 so much harder to use than previous versions?
  • Where can I find an expert on the best ways to use Facebook?
  • How does word-shading work in Word 2013?
  • Where does my information go when I log into Windows?
  • How do I update my Quickbooks certificate?
  • How do I put a slide show on a DVD?
  • Why doesn't the Java plugin work?
  • Why is the Security Tango so much more complicated for Windows 8?
  • Can I transfer Office from one computer to another?
  • What is the Time Warner anti-virus program?
  • How do I get rid of spam email securely?
  • What do I do with old equipment?
  • Where can I buy a computer pull-out tray?



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