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August 2015 Technical Forum Questions

08-Aug-2015 11:18 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Who has downloaded Windows 10?
  • Who had no or few problems downloading Windows 10?
  • Who had some or many problems downloading Windows 10?
  • Why won't links in Outlook connect to the Internet?
  • Where is the link in Outlook to put contact information?
  • Which file sharing program is considered to be the "premier" program?
  • How do I send visitors to my Ad Words advertisement to a web page other than my Home page?
  • Why won't Google "talk" to my Outlook calendar?
  • What is a good program for a group to stay in touch with one another?
  • What is the best way to manage a home office?
  • Why does Norton keep checking for something on startup called "Widevine" when I don't even know what Widevine" is?
  • Is the Time Warner business package appropriate for my business?



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