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October 2015 Technical Forum Questions

02-Oct-2015 1:54 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • What happens to my computer if my external drive stops working?
  • Can I get rid of robocalls?
  • Where can I find invoicing software online?
  • How do I use my new portable charging device?
  • Should i subscribe to Amazon Prime?
  • What are "infographics"?
  • Which download site should I use when there are many to choose from?
  • Why does my WI-Fi printer refuse to scan?
  • What types of connecting cords should I buy to be prepared for any kind of presentation projection?
  • Why won't Facebook let me create a business page?
  • How can I get Flash to run on an older Android system?
  • Should I update to Windows 10?
  • Why won't my Canon printer scan without a message about my email system?



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