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April 2016 Technical Forum Questions

02-Apr-2016 11:32 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • How do I replace my Time Warner modem?
  • Why won't the Apple update install on my computer?
  • When and why did Google AdWords disappear?
  • Who should I use for web site hosting?
  • If I delete files from my iPhone, will they also be deleted from my computer?
  • What is involved in switching Internet Service Providers?
  • Is my Chromebook supposed to start up when I open it?
  • What should I do about the Norton popup update notices?
  • How much longer should I wait to upgrade to Windows10?
  • Does the echo I hear on my phone have anything to do with its security?
  • Where are the event calendars for Rochester?
  • Can I buy Windows 7 to put on an older comput4er?
  • Can I revert my tablet back to Android 5.0 from Android 6.0?



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