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September 2016 Technical Forum Questions

04-Sep-2016 10:58 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • How do I make an image backup in Win 10?
  • Why did a screen to sign-in to Win 10 suddenly appear on my computer?
  • Why doesn't my laptop go into sleep mode when I close it?
  • How do I operate my DVD player?
  • Why can't one person (only) send email to me?
  • Why won't Verizon connect to my laptop and printer?
  • How do I maintain mandated confidentiality in my emails?
  • Why can't Proton email be used for secure emails?
  • Why does my router become disconnected?
  • Why can't I install Windows 8.1 on my Mac?
  • Why is my email not being sent because of too many connections?



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