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November 2016 Technical Forum Questions

04-Nov-2016 3:15 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • How can I add an icon to the task bar at the lower right of the screen?
  • Is Drop Box still safe?
  • Where is the content of my web site actually located?
  • Why won't my computer communicate with my wireless printer?
  • What is an "M4" file extension?
  • How well do the Epson tank printers work?
  • What is a good (and inexpensive) CRM program??
  • Where can I find a good client portal?
  • What system should I use for my business telephone?
  • What is a good free accounting system?
  • Has Quicken 2017 restored the report functions it used to have?
  • How do I create folders in Gmail?



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