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January 2017 Technical Forum Questions

06-Jan-2017 1:44 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Why does my laptop screen sometimes go black for no apparent reason?
  • Why does my Stickies icon disappear from the Task Tray?
  • What should I do when a pop-up window suddenly appears accompanied by a loud voice telling me that I have a virus?
  • Why does receiving Road Runner email fail intermittently?
  • How do I remove everything from my current computer and then transfer it all to a new computer?
  • What is a good password manager?
  • Can I turn off "Collaborate" on Google Drive Share?
  • What is some good collaboration software?
  • Why does the fingerprint function no longer work on my laptop?
  • How does a person get certified in Computer skills?
  • Where can I fins business modelling software?
  • Where can I find good wide area networking software?
  • Why is Road Runner rejecting my sent emails?
  • Is there a limit on the size of emails?
  • Why does my iPad suddenly want a new password?



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