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December 2010 Technical Forum Questions

03-Dec-2010 4:17 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
As reported by Steve Royal

  • Why does Windows 7 choose not to back up one particular file?   
  • Why won’t my FAX machine connect to its destination properly?
  • Why does a new page in Word start with the cursor half-way down the page?
  • Why won’t my computer send email or install upgrades?
  • How should I prepare my netbook for a trip?
  • Can I put my regular Skype account on my netbook?
  • Should I replace my old printer and, if so, with what?
  • Hint: Barnes & Noble is selling a cool e-reader called a “Nook.”
  • Hint: Radio Shack will give you money for your old cell phone.
  • What is Norton Anti-Virus for Netbooks?
  • How can consultants us social media to increase business?
  • Where can I find a person to create a theme for my web site in Drupal?
  • Is anyone having trouble recommending people in LinkedIn?



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