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February 2011 Technical Forum Questions

04-Feb-2011 2:42 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
As reported by Steve Royal

  • Why can't I see the file extensions on my computer?
  • Why did my external drive disappear from the drive display?
  • When printing from my Epson printer, why is my document sent to FAX  instead of "print"?
  • Why is my Facebook page behaving strangely?
  • How do I "retire" a URL used by Google?
  • How do I use the "sync up" apps on my Droid?
  • Why doesn't the ribbon work in Excel in 2010?
  • How do I import and send pictures when they take up very large files?
  • Should I use Carbonite or something else to back up my computer?
  • What uses might I have for Skype?
  • Why has my HP printer stopped printing?
  • When my computer tells me to do an "appropriate review of your security system," what should I do?
  • Why don't emails in my Outlook outbox get sent?
  • What technology can I use to help teach others?
  • Where is a good place to get pictures mounted on foam backing?
  • What should I do about lost or missing emails?
  • At what camera resolution should I take pictures?



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