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April 2018 Technical Forum Questions

07-Apr-2018 4:30 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Why woin'r JotForm open in Firefox?
  • How do I bridge the technology gap between my old phone and my new Samsung S-8?
  • Why can't I post pictures from my phone to my laptop?
  • Where can I get an older laptop to be used as a donation?
  • How can reduce a picture's file size?
  • Why won't my Excel workbook operate properly?
  • How do I preserve results online for sharing?
  • How do I set up an "Out of Office" notification?
  • What do I do about a lack of memory on my laptop?
  • What is YIMG?
  • How do I use the Security Tango?
  • What is wrong with my Frontier Mail?
  • How will the upcoming changes in the spam rules affect me?



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