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October 2019 Technical Forum Questions

05-Oct-2019 8:08 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Why doesn't the Nest app show up in Playstore on my phone?
  • Does installing Greenlight affect my Road Runner email address?
  • Is obsolescence planned in Chromebooks?
  • What do the update message popups about Win 10 mean?
  • Why is my computer running so slowly?
  • Why am I getting a popup to update on my iPad?
  • Why did my email to the newly-created email address "" get bounced?
  • Why are Win 10 backups filling up my hard drive?
  • How can I find email routing information?
  • What does the acronym "RPSA" mean?
  • How do I link to Hubspot?
  • Are flip-phones going extinct?
  • What is the minimum amount of information that should appear on a website homepage? 



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