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March 2012 Technical Forum Questions

02-Mar-2012 2:09 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
Reported by Steve Royal

  • Why do I get multiple copies of emails when I import them from Mailwasher to Outlook?
  • How do I change my settings so that Google collects less information from my computer?
  • Why can't I back up some very old Quickbooks files on a flash drive?
  • After purchasing a domain name from one company, can I host my web site from another company?
  • Why am I getting popups in Internet Explorer asking my if I want to disable add-ons?
  • What are the new/different features of Windows 8?
  • How does Google's new privacy policy affect me?
  • Why can't I do my online banking in Windows Explorer?
  • How can I publicize an upcoming seminar?



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