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April Technical Forum Questions

03-Apr-2020 3:12 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • How secure is Zoom?
  • What does, "Rr-2 settings are out of date" mean?
  • Can you modify what Autofill changes in Outlook?
  • How do I turn off a notification that I turned on accidentally?
  • How do I enter my contacts into my new phone?
  • How can I remove a Facebook page that was set up with my old phone number?
  • Why does my printer says it's connected to my computer, but it's not?
  • Can any participant in a Zoom meeting share a scree?
  • Why does the formatting change in emails sent from Outlook?
  • How do I change the background in my video in Zoom?
  • Can any participant record a Zoom meeting?
  • Where can I donate old computer hardware?



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