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June Technical Forum Questions

06-Jun-2020 3:29 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • If you pay for Ransomware to restore your computer, where does your personal information go?
  • Why doesn't the audio work when I'm on Skype?
  • Why am I getting popups about E bay?
  • How should I prepare for a Zoom meeting I am presenting for RPCN?
  • Why does only one tab out of three work on a Google spreadsheet?
  • Are the paid versions of Survey Monkey and Mail Chimp worth it?
  •  What is Chromebook all about?
  • What is the correct way to set up Zoom meetings?
  • Why can't I log on to my local network with my Chromebook?
  • Why can't I set up an alternative host in Zoom?
  • Why am I getting popups on Edge?
  • How do I know when it's time to replace my router?



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