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July 2020 Technical Forum Questions

05-Jul-2020 1:09 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
  • Has anyone had trouble with the latest Windows 10 update?
  • How do I add a Zoom virtual background?
  • Why does the screen blink on my new Ultrabook KUU?
  • Why is the fan on my Dell laptop so loud?
  • What is a good cameras/microphone system for Zoom meetings?
  • Why did I get a Meetup invitation in French?
  • What is the process for registering on Zoom?
  • Why are print cartridges so expensive?
  • Where can I find someone to set up a CRM system for me?
  • Why are some of my keys dead after a Windows update?
  • Why is my computer running so slowly?
  • How do I update Zoom?
  • Why doesn't the screen turn off when I close my laptop?
  • When should I logon to my computer as an administrator?
  • How can I change a URL to something that I can say?



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