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 Questions from the Business, Technical, and Marketing Forums

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  • 03-Jul-2011 1:10 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Submitted by Barbara Moore

    • How does one take advantage of social media?
    • How do you pick a message for social media and do you need to be consistent?
    • What is private and what is not in social media?
    • How do you search Twitter?

    Note: The Social Media Forum has been discontinued, effective July 2011.
  • 01-Jul-2011 1:37 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How do WiFi cellphones work?
    • How can I access the Internet as needed when I am on the road?
    • What is a good web notepad program to update my web site?
    • How does Google Voice work?
    • Why won't my laptop access the Internet anymore?
    • How can I get Google Toolbar to install on the latest version of Firefox?
    • What is the best way to join video segments?
    • How can I save something as a PDF file?
    • Where can I find someone to create CDs and DVDs for me?
    • Where in my system should my Vonage modem be installed?
  • 17-Jun-2011 4:48 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • Could I please have feedback on my new brochure?
    • How do I find and identify that first client?
    • How do I develop a niche in my field?
    • What are some ways to clarify communications when in a meeting?
    • What constitutes a "good" web site?
    • Are cold calls worth the effort?
    • How can I get people to return my phone calls and emails?
    • What is Referral Key and is it worthwhile?
    • What are the legal and insurance requirements for opening my business office in my home?
    • How can I get a document written in Russian translated?
    • What should I do with my business when I am away?
  • 03-Jun-2011 1:48 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • Caution: Make sure that your home router is secure or someone else might use its signal for illicit purposes.
    • Note to Macintosh Users: Mac computers are vulnerable to a fake anti-virus program (Mac Defender) which is actually a real virus.
    • Caution: If you find an unfamiliar link on your screen  while you are using Skype, do NOT open it!
    • Why am I getting unwanted email messages from Google Docs?
    • How can I fill in check boxes on a checklist I have created?
    • How do I manage page numbers when printing a part of a Power Point presentation?
    • How do I reformat a large Excel file?
    • When using Skype, can I call someone who is not using Skype at the same time?
    • What is this "Referral Key" program that I keep getting invitations to join?
    • Why doesn't my optical mouse work properly any more?
    • How do I get rid of an error message in Windows Live Mail?
    • How do I get rid of an invitation to download a Chrome update?
    • Does anyone have any literature on graphic design?
    • Can I change my outgoing email address from Road Runner to my business name?
  • 20-May-2011 2:16 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How do you reach out to your potential market?
    • How do I deal with "scope creep (slow unexpected increase of services)?"
    • How can I determine my fee structure?
    • What is the process for taking someone to small claims court?
    • How do I turn a prospect's interest in my services into a sale?
    • How do I handle a client who wants to pay me based on how much he makes?
    • How should I structure my consulting business?
    • Can anyone recommend a good business plan template?
  • 06-May-2011 1:52 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How can I create recovery disks for my computer?
    • What are printing costs at local office supply stores?
    • How many in this group would be interested in a presentation on Linux?
    • What are the disadvantages of using DropBox for sharing files?
    • How do I delete email addresses?
    • Can Skype addresses be put on RPCN members' profiles?
    • Who knows anything about camcorder hard drives?
    • Why won't my Mailwasher Pro work properly?
    • What is the difference between Mailwasher and Mailwasher Pro?
    • Can I send text messages using my desktop PC?
    • How can I stop promotional messages from being sent to my cell phone?
  • 18-Apr-2011 11:02 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by: Barbara Moore

    • Is there a difference in how one markets using Facebook and LinkedIn?
    • How do you send one message across multiple platforms?
    • How can Facebook be used to market a book to libraries?
    • What metrics are people using to measure ROI with social media?
    • Should businesses have a social media policy?
    • Should staff be allowed to use social media during work?
    • How can you prevent an employee from accessing a social media site via their smart phone when a business has blocked social media sites?
    • What experience do people have using social media apps on their smart phones?
    • Has anyone upgraded to a paid LinkedIn account and, is it worth it?
  • 16-Apr-2011 1:16 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
      Reported by: Steve Royal

    • What are some ways for connecting RPCN people to other RPCN people?
    • Where can I find a sample business plan similar to those described in "E-Myth?"
    • Where can I find information on hiring and firing?
    • Should the time it takes to prepare an estimate be charged?
    • What are the ramifications of self-publishing my book?
    • How do I deal with a partnership and the K-1 tax form?
    • How well does Dragon software (voice recognition) work?
    • What would be appropriate program for an upcoming RPCN program on networking? 
    • What is the best way to transfer VCR tapes to DVDs?
  • 01-Apr-2011 1:43 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How many people in this group have their own web sites?
    • How many are actually making money with your web site?
    • Why does my computer intermittently not connect to the Internet?
    • Why won't Mailwasher work with my Outlook program?
    • Why does my computer ask me to install a market research program that I know nothing about?
    • What financial software do people in this group recommend and why?
    • How can I transfer backed up data from a "dead" computer?
    • Why are some of my clients without Pay Pal accounts having trouble paying with Pay Pal?
    • What program can I use to completely wipe all files from my computer?
  • 31-Mar-2011 11:26 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Barbara Moore

    • Do recommendations on LinkedIn help?
    • Do you capitalize on the traffic to your site by placing ads on your site?
    • Do you have a Facebook business page or just a personal page?
    • Is LinkedIn a new media that is working for job seekers?



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