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 Questions from the Business, Technical, and Marketing Forums

Find out what you're missing at our Business, Technical, and Marketing Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

  • 18-Apr-2014 3:04 PM | Steve Royal
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How do I deal with proposals that will require work in addition to that specified in the proposal?
    • What are the best alternatives for website creation and maintenance?
    • What colleges for engineering will provide the best return on my investment?
    • What is the value of online advertising?
    • What are the positives and negatives of becoming an affiliate?
    • Will there be another Boot Camp?
    • How well do consulting groups work?
    • What are some effective marketing strategies?
    • How do I go about owning a web site?
    • What are some good record keeping alternatives?
    • What are some LinkedIn marketing tips?
  • 04-Apr-2014 3:17 PM | Steve Royal
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How do I convert a spreadsheet from the cloud (Google) to Excel?
    • What is going to happen when Google Voice changes over to Google Hangouts?
    • What services are available for monitoring my web site?
    • What kind of laptop should I consider for my business and personal life?
    • Why does my laptop "hang up" for several seconds for no apparent reason?
    • What is a good external rear video camera for my new truck?
    • Why do Android apps appear differently on my 10" Toshiba table than they do on my Galaxy Note 8 tablet?
    • Is Google Docs glitchy or is it my computer?
    • How good is Go Daddy's unlimited web hosting?
    • How do I record in Google Hangouts?
  • 22-Mar-2014 9:28 AM | Steve Royal
    • Should I exclude the details of my previous employment from my resume?
    • What should my very first business card say?
    • How do I keep clients interested in my business between jobs?
    • Is there such a thing as an online consulting aggregator?
    • How do I start a discussion on LinkedIn?
    • How can I effectively use all of the many social networking resources?
    • How can I improve international business communications?
    • What is the proper format for proposals?
    • How do I start my business, pick my specialty, and choose the type of business (sole proprietor, LLC, incorporated, etc.)?
    • Where can I find  a good attorney to help set up my business?
    • What is the best way to change my Google Voice phone number?
  • 07-Mar-2014 1:43 PM | Steve Royal
    • Why is a program remaining open when I try to shutdown my computer?
    • Can I sell something over the Internet without an SSL certificate?
    • How do I get rid of the Microsoft Solution Center popup?
    • What does it mean when You Tube tells me I have a "blocked plugin?"
    • Why is Facebook asking for my Email password?
    • Why did all of the smoke detectors go off at the same time when I was gone?
    • Why am I not receiving emails?
    • Should I use Microsoft Security Suite?
    • What are the differences between POP and IMAP?
    • Can I hook up my external backup drive to a docking station?
    • How do I determine the battery policy for my laptop?
    • Should I backup to the cloud?
    • Is there a way to decrease the amount of time spent on security issues?
  • 22-Feb-2014 11:09 AM | Steve Royal
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • What are the advantages of belonging to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
    • How do Google Ad Grants work?
    • How do you balance giving out free advice vs. building relationships?
    • Question: How many years have you been in the consulting business?
    • How do sub-groups form from mastermind groups?
    • What are some ways of marketing life training events?
    • What are the entity options for my business?
    • Can I use my own name for my business if I don't have a DBA?
    • If, given the option, should I accept a job as a consultant or as an employee?
    • How do I establish my rates?
    • How can I get motivated to write proposals?
    • What are some printing options for self-published books?
    • Is it worth doing projects just for the experience?
  • 07-Feb-2014 2:25 PM | Steve Royal
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • Why are the printer property options different in different browsers?
    • How do I eliminate the popups I'm getting after installing the Google Chrome snap-on?
    • What are some of the group's favorite "Favorites"?
    • How can I send a PDF document in an auto-respond email?
    • Why is my cell phone hot?
    • How can I keep my activities on the web private?
    • What should i worry about after Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP?
    • How can I keep track of my many passwords?
    • Is deleting one file at a time in Outlook different than deleting a group of files all at once?
    • Does Google Chrome maintain a history of my searches?
    • How can I eliminate popup ads on my Verizon cell phone?
    • Why are the contacts on my cell phone listed alphabetically by first name instead of by last name?
  • 18-Jan-2014 10:57 AM | Steve Royal
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • As a sole proprietor, do I need Workers Compensation insurance?
    • What are the liability issues for my specific business?
    • Is there a group in Rochester where I can get health insurance?
    • How do I deal with unexpected and unpleasant client surprises?
    • How do I convince clients that I am as good as I say I am?
    • How can I network outside of Rochester?
    • How are consultants marketing themselves?
    • How can I determine how big the market is for biological and medical devices?
    • What is the best way to transfer from academia to business?
  • 18-Jan-2014 10:56 AM | Steve Royal
    January 3, 2014

    Meeting cancelled because of bad weather.
  • 20-Dec-2013 2:36 PM | Steve Royal
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • How effective are press releases, flyers, emails?
    • What are the tax implications of 1099 work?
    • How does 1099 work affect my pricing?
    • What responsibility do I have when making referrals?
    • How can I approach commercial bankers to generate referrals for my business?
    • How can I describe what i can do for a prospect without the prospect deciding to do it him or herself?
    • What is my responsibility when a client wants me to transfer what I am doing for them to one of their employees?
    • How can I user LinkedIn to find others and have others find me?
  • 06-Dec-2013 1:53 PM | Steve Royal
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • Why won't Wegmans scan my book's bar code?
    • Should I consider Green Light as my ISP?
    • Why is my computer locking up?
    • Can I back up two computers with one backup unit?
    • What is a good home office telephone system?
    • What is this message I am receiving about my Dell BIOS?
    • When should my husband and I use passwords?
    • What are the advantages/disadvantages of using e-fax programs?



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