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 Questions from the Business and Technical Forums

Find out what you're missing at our monthly Tech, Business, and Social Media Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

  • 07-Sep-2012 3:24 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • What are some good employee search ideas?
    • What are FTP folders and why have I been asked to use them?
    • How do you engage in a conversation on Twitter?
    • How does the LinkedIn Profile organize work?
    • How do I open a file with a .gp extension?
    • What do the letter designations on my Linksys router mean?
    • Why is Skype so slow on my netbook?
    • How do I solve a Yahoo security certificate issue?
    • Where is the first place to start in designing a website with functionality?
  • 18-Aug-2012 1:58 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • What is required to change the name of my business?
    • How do I go about hiring an intern?
    • What should I look out for when working with foreign trade companies?
    • What are some ways of "breaking the ice" with a client?
    • Where are are good places to go to for "random networking?"
    • What might be included as alternatives to "regular" compensation for my services?
    • What are the components of a good 30 second elevator speech?
    • How can I avoid problems when forming alliances?
    • What is the process for dealing with "deadbeats" (people who don't pay)?
    • How can the information in a proposal be protected?
    • How do you set up and run webinars?
  • 04-Aug-2012 10:48 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • What can I do to remove an old website created by someone else, who I can no longer contact?
    • How can I animate an image in Power Point?
    • How can I use Excel to track time cards?
    • What are the advantages of using Quickbooks?
    • What should I do with an email that claims that Twitter has reset my password for me because of a security problem?
    • Why does my laptop battery run out after only 2 - 3 hours?
    • What are some good apps to put on my new tablet?
    • What is the best way to manage passwords?
    • How do I dim a paragraph in Power Point?
  • 20-Jul-2012 2:28 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    • Do web sites such as E-Lance really work?
    • Has anyone read my article on the RPCN web site?
    • How do I get people to read articles I publish online?
    • Are there advantages in setting up an LLC in a state other than New York?
    • Where can I find the requirements for setting up an S-Corp?
    • What do I do about no-shows at meetings, etc.?
    • Is there a business case for getting a smartphone?
    • Is it OK for my name to appear on a client's business card?
    • What does "Dress for success" mean in the business world today?
  • 06-Jul-2012 1:57 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Submitted by Steve Royal

    • How concerned should I be about the possible Internet outage coming on July 9?
    • How do I get files linked properly in Word Press?
    • How do I download Word Press to 1 on 1?
    • What is the best antivirus program?
    • What is a good online calendar?
    • Why was my Google Ad-words get shut down?
    • How can I record phone calls coming from clients?
    • How do I print full-sized pictures?
    • How do I set up a table in Word where some of the cells are shaded?
    • How do I set up an advertising account on You Tube screens?
    • Why won't my Kodak EZ-Share dock work properly?
  • 16-Jun-2012 9:54 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • What are the pros, cons, and costs of setting up a sole proprietor, LLC, and S-Corp?
    • How do I get started in my new business?
    • How do I build a client base?
    • What kind of accounting system should I set up?
    • What is the best way of qualifying customers?
    • What is the proper level of insurance to have?
    • How do I deal with a 45 day pay cycle?
  • 01-Jun-2012 12:51 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • Which tablet should I buy?
    • How do I set up automatic functions in Excel?
    • What to I do about outdated web pages?
    • How can I keep track of the time I am working for a client?
    • What is the status of the impending Internet outage?
    • Why can't I open a .dat or a .pdf file attached to an email?
    • What is the best approach for storing data in the cloud?
    • Are there alternatives to Go to My PC?
    • How can I manage the CAPTCHA/Registration process?
  • 31-May-2012 11:52 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Barbara Moore

    • Which workshops should I attend at the June 14 Social Media: Ready, Set, Go! conference?
    • How do I get people to find and use my Facebook business page?
    • Why are so many people I don't know following me on Twitter?
    • How do I set up privacy settings on Facebook?
    • How do I keep up with changes to Facebook's privacy policy?
    • Are there many spammers in social media?
    • How do I set up a business profile in LinkedIn?
    • Should I blog or use an email newsletter?
    • Can I post to several LinkedIn groups at one time?
    • Is there a way to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at one time?
  • 19-May-2012 10:35 AM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Barbara Moore

    • How does LinkedIn help people? Is it useful?
    • How do you get people to like your Facebook business page?
    • Can you search My Life and not have people know you are searching for them?
    • Why I hate LinkedIn.
    • What value is there to a solo entrepreneur to have a Facebook business page?
    • How can you use social media and not eat into so much of your time?
    • Can you create a Facebook business page using your personal account and keep the two accounts separate?
    • How do you engage and connect people with Twitter?
    • How do you determine what is valuable and appropriate content for your audience?
    • How do web sites fit in with social media?

  • 18-May-2012 3:03 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    Reported by Steve Royal

    • How can I keep track of the time I spend on my computer?
    • How can I set up a profit sharing plan for a part time associate?
    • What are some ways to accelerate the sales cycle?
    • How much traffic do you need to make online advertising (Google Ad-words) profitable?
    • How can I set up my business so that I am put on a retainer?
    • How can I use branding to jump-start my business?
    • What payment strategies should I be using to make sure that I get paid?
    • What kind of insurance should consultants buy?



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