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Upcoming events

    • 23-Feb-2018
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Five Star Bank, City Gate

    Users are Stupid or It's all about the user, Stupid!

    In complaining that his smart phone app was not appreciated by his target audience, I once heard a developer say, "Users are stupid!"  After engaging me on the project, it took a while to convince him that, "No, it's all about the users, Mr/Ms Developer" 

    Usability, if not done (or not done well), leaves a gap that others have to fill: tech writers and trainers will have to fill the gap. A miss in design or engineering has to be made up for in the instructions, user guides and quick reference aids.

    But in the end, if you can't capture the hearts and minds of the user, your genius idea will ultimately fail... some competitor who was better at engaging the user, will pick up and run with the ball.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:
    1. What do we mean by the term "user experience" and what is the value (ROI) of engaging the user throughout the development lifecycle
    2. The steps of engaging the user at each phase of the development
    3. Integrating user study work products to guide the project to ensure success

    Feel free to bring user issues from your, or your clients projects so we can discuss and address them with possible approaches to finding a resolution.


    Michael van der GaagMichael Van der Gaag is an IBM Certified Consultant and UX Strategist with experience in Product Discovery, Usability Research and Interaction (UI) Design. He mentors clients to success by adapting UX best practices qand research and testing methodology to client company culture and project team's needs.

    With you and your team, he will conduct workshops that help you develop a vision of your product, create a UX strategy, analyze required tasks, and discover the minimally viable features and optimize the interaction. Throughout product or software development lifecycle, iterative user testing will ensure user satisfaction, product value and ease of use.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

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    • 09-Mar-2018
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Five Star Bank, City Gate

    Livin’ Large – Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Presenter: Luiz Martinez

    IIn our work lives and even in our personal lives, the days turn into weeks, into months and years. When we look back, not much has changed and sometimes we regret that we didn’t act differently, achieve our long held ambitions.  But how can we accomplish that?  Using unique metaphors lived by the Presenter, participants in this interactive workshop will learn 10 steps to changing their lives, both personally and professionally.  At the end of each of these sections, participants will take away a tool kit so they can see their work environment from a different perspective and set out to accomplish fresh goals and objectives.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:
    1. Do you know what you want? If not, how will you get there?  Can you crisply define your current state?  What does success mean to you?  Precisely – what’s your plan for getting there?
    2. Identifying motivation, the thing that grounds us, root from which we strive.
    3. You have to not only want success –  you have to create it But…how?


    Luis MartinezWinner of the 2017 RPCN Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Award for,"Consultant’s Consultant",  Luis has been a trusted business advisor and executive coach for many years. Through his strategic management consulting firms, Human Capital Strategy Partners and Gran Altura, Inc., Luis provides management consulting and executive coaching services to growing enterprises and business professionals.

    While in Xerox, Luis directed the global human resources functions for Worldwide Manufacturing.  Prior to Xerox, Luis had served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Vice President & General Manager of Exide Batteries in Puerto Rico.

    Born and raised in Cuba, Luis has a B.A. and M.Ed., from the University of Delaware.  He has authored two career development books, Getting There and Getting There Volume 2. strive.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

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    • 20-Mar-2018
    • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Diplomat Party House, 1956 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14624

    TrendTalk Dinner

    Subject: How small businesses can engage with the new technology companies in the Rochester area.

    For this TrendTalk dinner panel discussion, we have engaged as presenters three highly respected leaders in the economic development sector of the Rochester region.

    This evening will allow you the opportunity to network with other members of the community who may be your future colleagues, clients or collaborators.

    Emcee: Dee Alexander

    Cocktails and Networking: 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm
    Dinner: 6:15 pm
    Panel Discussion: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    Jim Senall – NextCorps (formerly High Tech Rochester)
    Tom Miller – AIM Photonics
    JaMone Turner – FLREDC
    Paul Morrell – Sky Wolf Wind TurbinesPanel Participants:


    RPCN Member - $30
    Non-member - $40
    Student - $25

    Menu (choice of one of the following):

    • 8 oz. Sirloin
    • Fresh Atlantic Salmon
    • Vegetarian
    Dinner comes with tossed garden salad, soup, garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, crusty Italian bread, coffee and tea.

    Choose your menu item during registration.

    NOTE: Last day to register is Tuesday, March 13.

    • 23-Mar-2018
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Five Star Bank, City Gate

    Communicate ideas through Drawing and Play

    Presenter: Walter Bubie

    Ideas are virtually worthless until they are put on paper.  Many of us know this, but often we “draw” our ideas using drawing apps or using words. We need to DRAW them out!  Drawing uses the right side of the brain, the creative side  The more we draw and exercise that hemisphere, the more our ideas can develop - as well as come up with more ideas. Visual Thinking is not about artistry - it is closer to doodling. Drawing for VT is for communicating, not for framing (though, some doodles are often worth framing).  In this presentation we’ll draw and play and learn how and why to integrate this tool in our work.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:
    1. Visual Thinking is drawing to communicate - not artistry
    2. How to build a ‘tool box’ of drawn elements
    3. You can have fun while developing ideas


    Walter BubieWalter Bubie is a User Experience (UX) Designer with a record of commercially successful and innovative user interfaces for desktop, web & mobile apps, and embedded displays. His work reflects a human-centered design approach, since he strongly advocates researching user needs before beginning any design. He is well versed in the latest design methods: Lean UX, Design Thinking, as well as agile project management. Walter is also an advocate for drawing design ideas before turning to electronic tools. He is a leader as well as a practitioner - enjoying any opportunity to creatively solve user interface/interaction challenges. He resides in Rochester and is currently an adjunct Professor at RIT and MCC teaching in the field of User Experience Design, while also freelancing when time permits. Walter’s innovative thinking is reflected by way of numerous patents file through Kodak.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

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    • 27-Apr-2018
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Five Star Bank, City Gate

    Connect with your confidence to optimize your performance

    Presenter: Jim Ramerman

    Jim Ramerman will present on the connection between Confidence and Performance.

    Three key learnings the audience will take away from this program:
    1. Knowledge based on feedback is the foundation for confidence.
    2. Your Most Natural Talent is a powerful source of confidence.
    3. How to integrate Humility and Confidence to build relationships with clients.


    Jim RamermanJIM RAMERMAN  is a hands-on transformation expert—a successful CEO and business author in his own right, and a results-driven, innovative leadership and organizational consultant with more than 25 years helping leaders, their teams, and their organizations achieve more.  He is widely known in the area as “the coaches coach.”

    Through thought-provoking dialogue, best-practice instruments and tools, professional coaching and consultation, and an engaging style, Jim powerfully helps clients generate the insights and willpower necessary to fuel desired long-term change.  His specializations include CEO coaching, developing high-potential leaders; conflict management; succession planning and building high-performing teams.

    Refreshments will be available.

    Coffee Sponsorships available. Contact Michael Van der Gaag at for more information.

    Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

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12-Aug-2011 RPCN Incubator: Mentoring
22-Jul-2011 Advanced Mail Merge Workshop--Special Location
08-Jul-2011 RIT "Venture Creations" Business Incubator & RPCN Consulants Incubator
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31-Dec-2010 No Meeting--New Year's Eve
24-Dec-2010 No Meeting--Holiday Week
10-Dec-2010 Marketing in the 21st Century
26-Nov-2010 No Meeting--Thanksgiving Holiday
17-Nov-2010 Social Networking Forum Canceled
12-Nov-2010 Harvesting Your Marketing Efforts--Replacement Event
29-Oct-2010 RPCN Strategy Session II
22-Oct-2010 Windows 7 Workshop -- Special Time & Location
15-Oct-2010 Business Forum -- Location Change
24-Sep-2010 Financial Workshop
15-Sep-2010 Writing Your Business Plan
10-Sep-2010 Take Advantage of the RPCN Web Site
27-Aug-2010 Market Research & Competitive Analysis Workshop
19-Aug-2010 Strategy Workshop
09-Jul-2010 Technology: Tools For Business - Part 2
25-Jun-2010 Excel Workshop
25-Jun-2010 LinkedIn Workshop
11-Jun-2010 Technology: Tools For Business
28-May-2010 Google Collaboration Tools
14-May-2010 Building Trust
30-Apr-2010 Introduction to the New RPCN Website
23-Apr-2010 Facebook for Business Workshop
09-Apr-2010 Branding
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