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Find out what you're missing at our monthly Tech, Business, and Social Media Forums. Be sure to come to any of our forum meetings to ask the questions that you want answered.

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  • 03-Sep-2010 2:21 PM | Steve Royal (Administrator)
    As reported by Steve Royal

    • What are some alternatives to Windows Live in Windows 7?
    • How can I tell if my desktop computer has really been in sleep mode?
    • Where can I get a pocket organizer? How can I turn off Twitter feeds to other sites?
    • How can I retrieve a deleted distribution list in Outlook?
    • How do I delete old e-mail addresses?
    • How do I print an alphabetical list of names without including everyone?
    • Why won't the signature feature work in Windows Live?
    • How can I put a Gmail icon on my desktop?
    • Why won't my HP printer print on both sides in Office 2010?
    • Can I sync my Gmail calendar with Outlook?
    • How do I delete temporary files in Vista (or Windows 7)?
    • How do I perform a mail merge from an Excel document?
    • Should I put information about my new job on my LinkedIn profile?
    • Why do contacts go to the wrong address book?
    • How do I delete sent mail?
  • 16-Apr-2010 10:00 PM | Deleted user
    As reported by Bob Lurz

    You have to attend the Business Forum to get the answers to questions like those asked at the April session:

    • Of what value are lists of companies?
    • How do I get started in consulting?
    • What messages should I leave on voicemail to entice the prospect to call back?
    • What is the most effective way to advertise?
    • How do I collaborate with someone else?
    • Can you make money on the Internet?
    • How do I develop an appropriate fee structure?
    • How much value are Internet forums?
  • 02-Apr-2010 9:59 PM | Deleted user
    As reported by Steve Royal

    It pays to attend the Tech Forum so you can get answers to questions like those posed at the April session as seen below:

    • Why won’t Windows Media Player work properly on only one of my computers?
    • Why do double emails appear in Outlook Contact Manager?
    • If I delete an e-mail in one part of Contact Manager, will it be deleted in the other part?
    • How can I set it up to keep my business contacts in my smartphone?
    • How do I move my Favorites from one computer to another computer?
    • Should I update from IE6?
    • How do I allow popups when I want them?
    • Which is better: iPhone or Droid?
    • Should my new computer be 32 bit or 64 bit?
    • Why does my computer reboot itself several times after turning it on and then run fine for the rest of the day?
    • Why won’t my computer shut down properly?
    • Should I open unexpected Hallmark cards from people I don’t know?
    • Should I accept invitations to join people I don't know in Twitter?
    • FYI: I have located a reliable source for replacement ink jet cartridges.
    • Why does my computer boot up much slower after installing Norton 360?
    • How can I speed up my slow computer?
    • Why does a McAfee run virus scan at random times instead of the times I specify?
    • Why won’t some web sites open up in Firefox?
    • Why won’t Firefox open up after taking my computer out of sleep mode?
    • Should I save my Favorites on a disk?
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