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Upcoming and Past Events

    • 24-Sep-2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Browncroft Restaurant, 2501 Browncroft Blvd, Rochester, NY 14625

    Do you find it difficult to make it to our Friday morning Business Forum? Join us for our Lunchtime Business Forum! Same format as our regular Business Forum but at a different time. Bob Lurz will be facilitating, so bring your questions and/or share your advice with others.

    The Business forum is an informal, facilitated round-table discussion of any issues regarding the starting or running of a consulting business or any entrepreneurial venture.

    Bob Lurz

    Bob Lurz will be the facilitator for this forum.

    This forum is open to the public and there is no cost, but lunch is on you.

    Location: Browncroft Restaurant, 2501 Browncroft Blvd, Rochester, NY 14625

    Get directions to the Browncroft Restaurant.

    • 27-Sep-2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • 5 Star Bank, City Gate

    Presenter: Jonah Inikori

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of businesses fail within 5 years, and 67% within 10 years. Failure more than often can be attributed to lack of knowledge, insufficient skills, lack of access to needed technology, lack of funding, and not having the right support network to assist on the journey. In this talk you will learn of technological innovations developed by Boodlebag that will help alleviate these problems.

    Key Learning #1: What is Boodlebag

    Key Learning #2: Introduction Boodlebag features

    Key Learning #3: Boodlebag Live Demo

    Jonah Inikor

    Jonah Inikori is the founder and CEO of Boodlebag, a Rochester NY founded technology company with the mission of eradicating poverty world wide through it's technology.

    Jonah has been an entrepreneur from childhood, selling recyclable materials back to merchants at the tender age of 8, then launching a short-term loans business for families in high school helping them meet immediate needs. Jonah went on to study computer science at the University of Rochester after high school and launched a career as a software engineer afterwards, working as a consultant with Kodak, then taking a full-time position with Xerox, and later on Frontier Communications. As a software engineer, Jonah's area of expertise is in architecting large scale enterprise software systems, supporting tens of millions of users. In 2006 Jonah took his passion for ballroom and Latin dance to the next level by launching Inikori Dance Studio, a ballroom and Latin dance studio that quickly became one of the most prominent dance studios in the Rochester area.

    In running Inikori Dance Studio, it became apparent to Jonah the many limitations and challenges entrepreneurs face in achieving success, like not having the needed knowledge to enable successful participation in a particular type of business or in business in general, or the ever present limitation not having unlimited funds pose on the outcomes of a business. Jonah felt these limitations result particularly in small business owners struggling to achieve success, and what results in 50% of them failing within 5 years. This then becoming a deterrent to many from even considering entrepreneurship as a path to prosperity. As a software engineer, Jonah proceeded to develop technology to help him overcome these challenges. In 2019, Jonah started releasing some of this technology for use by other small business owners through his venture Boodlebag.

    Location: TBD

    Want to talk about your business for three minutes at an RPCN presentation? Sponsor a meeting! Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

    Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

    For a description of where to park, CLICK HERE.

    • 04-Oct-2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Pittsford Community Library

    Bring your technical questions about computers, the Internet, mobile apps, telephones, or any other. In this informal, facilitated open discussion, the participants will attempt to send you home with answers or ideas. 

    Steve Royal

    Steve Royal will be facilitating this forum.

    There is no cost for this meeting and it is open to the public.

    Location at 24 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

    Get directions to the Pittsford Community Library.

    • 11-Oct-2019
    • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
    • Irondequoit Public Library, 1290 Titus Ave, Rochester 14617

    Special Time: 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

    PLEASE BE ON TIME (but not early).*

    Special Location: Irondequoit Public Library

    Please read the instructions at the end of this notice.

    This presentation will cover the value of bartering products and services in a system verses one-to-one bartering. It will also describe how using your cost of goods is better then straight purchasing products and services for your business.

    Key Learning: The value of barter

    There is no cost for this meeting and it is open to the public.

    Here is a Map to the Irondequoit Public  Library. The meeting will be held in Room 115 (the Irondequoit Bay Room).

    *Note: The door to the building will not be opened until 9:00. 

    PLEASE BE ON TIME (but not early).*

    Instructions & Information:

    • The entrance to the library is at the rear of the building.
    • To the right of the main door is another entrance with white doors. The words "Meeting Rooms" are above the doors.
    • A library employee will open the Meeting Room doors at 9:00 a.m. -- no earlier. The main doors will be locked. There is also a door around the side of the building which leads directly into our room.
    • We will have to set up the room ourselves, so volunteers will be welcomed.
    • There is a snack room across the hall from our meeting room with coffee and snack machines.
    • We have the room until noon.

    Want to sponsor a meeting? Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

    • 18-Oct-2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Pittsford Community Library

    An informal, facilitated round-table discussion of any issues regarding the starting or running of a consulting business or any entrepreneurial venture.

    Bob Lurz

    Bob Lurz will be the facilitator for this forum.

    There is no cost for this meeting and it is open to the public.

    Location: 24 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

    Get directions to the Pittsford Community Library.

    • 18-Oct-2019
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Pittsford Community Library
    RPCN's monthly Board meeting begins at approximately 10:00 a.m. following the Business Forum.

    Everyone is welcome to attend.

    • 23-Oct-2019
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Glendoveer's, 2328 Old Browncroft Rd., Rochester, NY 14625


    Join RPCN for a night of gaming, prizes, raffles, networking, hearty appetizers, cash bar, and fun!

    Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

    Location: Glendoveer's, 2328 Old Browncroft Rd., Rochester, NY 14625

    Time: 6-9 PM

    Gaming tables start at 6:30 PM

    Ticket Cost$35 for RPCN & SCORE members; $50 for non-members

    Sponsorships available!

    2019 Casino Night Sponsorship Levels (click on Register to sign up)

    FOOD Sponsor $850

    • Exclusive sponsorship level - only ONE available
    • Logo with link on RPCN website event page
    • Event Social Media Promotion
    • Event emails and inclusion in all press releases
    • Signage at Event as Food Sponsor
    • Two Event Registrations
    • Promotional Item in Attendee Welcome Bag (Pre-Approval Required)
    • Sponsorship Thank you Announcement at Event
    • 6 months of ads (3 issues) in RPCN ad sheet

      Platinum Sponsor $1000 (only 2 available)

      • 4 Event Registrations
      • Logo with Link on RPCN website event page
      • Event social media promotion
      • Event emails and inclusion in all press releases
      • 3 minutes speaking about business/organization
      • Sponsorship Thank You Announcement at Event
      • Promotional Item in Attendee Welcome Bag (Pre-Approval Required)
      • 1 year of ads (6 issues) in RPCN ad sheet

      Gold Sponsor $500 (only 3 available)

      • Logo with link on RPCN website event page
      • Event Social Media Promotion
      • Event emails and inclusion in all press releases
      • Two Event Registrations
      • Promotional Item in Attendee Welcome Bag (Pre-Approval Required)
      • 4 months of ads (2 issues) in RPCN ad sheet

      Silver Sponsor $300 (ONLY 5 AVAILABLE -- May be split with another organization)

      • Logo with link on RPCN Event Page
      • Event Social Media Promotion
      • Business/Org name on lighted sign on casino table
      • Two Event Registrations
      • Promotional Item in Attendee Welcome Bag (Pre-Approval Required)
      • 2 months of ads (1 issues) in RPCN ad sheet

      Bronze Sponsor $150

      • Event Social Media Promotion
      • One Event Registration
      • Promotional Item in Attendee Welcome Bag (Pre-Approval Required)

      If you have an event or sponsorship question, please contact Laurie Enos at Laurie@BlueLilacMarketing.com

      • 25-Oct-2019
      • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
      • Five Star Bank at City Gate

      Presenter: Bob Lurz and Barbara Moore

      Is your business strategy “Build it and They Will Come”? (like the movie “Field of Dreams”). What if you build it and they won’t come? Will your service provide the value clients need?

      “Client-Discovery” interviews with target clients help you discover if your service provides good value to the right clients. You can test your assumptions about your value before you waste time and effort on a consulting approach that won’t meet your goals.

      Bob Lurz guides you through the Client Discovery process. He and Barb Moore do role-play interviews that show how (and how not to) interview target clients for the value they seek. Come and explore your service and “Build in Value so They Will Come”.

      • Key Learning #1: Testing your assumptions about your service and clients
      • Key Learning #2: Conducting potential-client interviews
      • Key Learning #3: Avoiding biased information: “Ask, don’t sell” & Unbiased questions & analysis.

      Bob L

      Bob Lurz, The Consultant’s Consultant

      Through his Consultants Accelerator, Bob Lurz provides One-on-one Coaching, Mentoring & Education for independent consultants. He helps them to:

      Develop Consulting Business Skills (to become entrepreneurs)Market Themselves as Solo Consultants (to find and engage those elusive clients)

      Make Informed Business Decisions (to avoid costly mistakes and become profitable)

      Bob facilitates the monthly RPCN Business Forum.

      Bob also designed & facilitated the annual RPCN Consulting Business Boot Camp from 2012 through 2017.

      Barb Moore

      Barb Moore, Moore Results

      Barbara trains people to use their computers, troubleshoots computer problems, and works with small businesses to optimize their use of social media.

      She has worked with large computer systems for libraries. Barbara installed the first automated check-out system for the 30 public libraries in the Monroe County Library System.

      She also served as the Assistant Director for Computer Systems and Applications at the University of Rochester Libraries.

      Want to talk about your business for three minutes at an RPCN presentation? Sponsor a meeting! Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

      Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

      For a description of where to park, CLICK HERE.

      • 30-Oct-2019
      • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Five Star Bank, City Gate

      Presenter: Melanie Watson

      Everyone is throwing around the word 'branding' lately. But what does it really mean? And why do you need it? We'll discuss this before diving into the foundations of building your own brand. Bring a pencil because this interactive workshop includes a workbook that will lead you through the first steps. Hint: It's all about your target audience.

      Key Learnings from this session will be  

      • Key Learning #1: An understanding of branding and why you need it
      • Key Learning #2: An in-depth look into your own business and how it influences your brand
      • Key Learning #3: A workbook that will walk you through the steps discussed in the presentation

      Melanie Watson

      Melanie Watson helps small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs build a visual brand that encompasses who they are while also speaking to their ideal audience. She dives deep into her client's business and goals before ever touching pen to paper. She also provides every branding client with the tools to keep their branding consistent into the future.

      Want to sponsor a meeting? Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

      Location: TBD

      • 08-Nov-2019
      • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
      • Five Star Bank at City Gate

      Presenter: Bob Manard

      Discover the right strategies for your website, online advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing. We'll explore tools to help streamline and automate your activities. We'll also learn how to measure, track, and analyze the results your efforts.

      Key Learning #1 Creating a digital marketing strategy that won't break the bank.

      Key Learning #2: Building low-cost email and online advertising campaigns to generate qualified leads.

      Key Learning #3: Using data analysis tools to keep tabs on how effective your digital marketing activities are.

      Bob Manard

      Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from St. John Fisher College and an MBA in Electronic Commerce from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

      A past president of RPCN, Bob is also active in several local organizations, including App Rochester, Google Rochester, and WordPress Rochester.

      Want to talk about your business for three minutes at an RPCN presentation? Sponsor a meeting! Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

      Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

      For a description of where to park, CLICK HERE.

      • 22-Nov-2019
      • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
      • Five Star Bank at City Gate

      Presenter: Mark Dulaney

      Are you ready for something different? Something real? Something with the potential to change the trajectory of your income, business, body, bank account, relationships and your life?

      This is not a feel-good motivational presentation. There will not be a miraculous strategy that will solve your problems.

      This is a presentation that will force you to take a factual look at yourself and your thoughts, choices, actions, words, questions and the results they create and you are living with today.

      So many people believe that the solution to their problems lies somewhere outside of them. That would mean that the solutions to those problems are out of their control and someone or something else must change in order to solve those problems.

      I created this talk to help those who are willing to consider that the only solution their problems is them. And it all starts with a willingness to STOP LYING to yourself and others.

      When this talk is over you will either hate me or you will see your role in every problem, struggle and negative result you have (other than unfortunate events or purely bad luck).

      More importantly, you will have a path forward, a path that you have total control over, for solving problems, ending struggle and improving results.

      Other than that, this talk will do nothing for you!

      • Key Learning #1: Three types of lies you tell and the problems they create
      • Key Learning #2: The future pain and problems you can avoid by facing up to your lies
      • Key Learning #3: How admitting to the facts opens the doors to greatness

      Mark Dulaney

      Mark Dulaney started Strangers Into Clients in 2005 after quitting his full time job as a chemical technician. Mark started a research project in 1985 that has become the foundation of his information and how he helps his clients today.

      Mark is the author and publisher of five books including Wealthodology, The Devil’s Playbook and Listen Up ladies, The Lady’s Guide To Understanding Men.

      Mark’s goal is to help everyone who sells and markets or owns a business to generate income to do three things:

      1. Convert Strangers into Profitable Clients
      2. Build a business you own and makes money for you instead of owning a job you must work to make money.
      3. Create a balanced successful life that includes health, family, love, sex and financial security.

      Want to talk about your business for three minutes at an RPCN presentation? Sponsor a meeting! Contact Michael Van der Gaag at programs@rochesterconsultants.org for more information.

      Here's a Map to Five Star Bank, City Gate

      For a description of where to park, CLICK HERE.

      • 10-Feb-2020
      • 09-Mar-2020
      • 5 Star Bank, City Bank, 395 Westfall Road, Rochester, NY 14620

      Starting a business on your own is a challenging adventure and the path is filled with several unknowns, obstacles and humbling experiences. It is also filled with new knowledge, personal growth and an enormous sense of accomplishment.

      RPCN has put together a 5-week program offering a unique set of presentations, workshops, and panel discussions designed to shed light on the path ahead and provide the knowledge and tools you need to navigate it with less fear and mistakes than the average person who does not seek help experiences.

      Topics include:

      • Define Your Foundation – services, clients and value.
      • Legal Considerations for Business – Attorney presentations on business entity, trademarks, contracts, intellectual property.
      • Effective Marketing Strategies – branding, collateral material, social media.
      • Additional Resources.

      Hands-on and interactive sessions – apply what you learn while you learn.

      Successful business owners share their knowledge and experience.

      During final session, attendees present a ten-minute value proposition and receive feedback from business experts.

      Dates: 5 Mondays: Feb. 10, 17, 24, 2020 plus March 2,9, 2020

      Sessions are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and include Coffee service & Lunch.


      To Register, click on the Register button in the left column above.                                           

      Questions? Contact:

      Devin K. Floyd, dfloyd@nyocon.com,  585-902-2900                                                                                                                                                 

    Past events

    20-Sep-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Sep-2019 Business Forum
    18-Sep-2019 EHC Lunch & Learn: Satir Change Model
    13-Sep-2019 Busting the Bunker Mentality and Tips to Increase Proposal Acceptance
    06-Sep-2019 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
    29-Aug-2019 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    27-Aug-2019 Members Only Master Workshop: Building an Effective Business Profile
    23-Aug-2019 The 10 Questions all Effective Leaders Should be able to Answer
    22-Aug-2019 The Ideal Team Player
    16-Aug-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Aug-2019 Business Forum
    09-Aug-2019 Close the Gap between where you are and where you want to be
    02-Aug-2019 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
    31-Jul-2019 Join RPCN for a night at the ball game
    26-Jul-2019 Relationship Marketing -- Special time: 9:00 am, Gates Library
    24-Jul-2019 Building Trust in Your Value Chain
    19-Jul-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Jul-2019 Business Forum
    12-Jul-2019 Liberating Structures: Getting the most out of your meetings
    05-Jul-2019 No Technical Forum Friday, July 5
    28-Jun-2019 Marketing Methods that Work for Us
    21-Jun-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Jun-2019 Business Forum
    20-Jun-2019 Building Trust with 7 of Steven Covey’s Habits
    14-Jun-2019 Protection for Today's Consultant
    07-Jun-2019 Technical Forum
    30-May-2019 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    24-May-2019 No Meeting This Friday
    17-May-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-May-2019 Business Forum
    10-May-2019 The Building Blocks of Emotional Intelligence
    07-May-2019 Special Lunchtime Business Forum
    03-May-2019 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
    26-Apr-2019 Patenting Tips to Effectively Protect Your Invention -- SPECIAL TIME & LOCATION
    24-Apr-2019 5th Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Gala
    19-Apr-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Apr-2019 Business Forum
    17-Apr-2019 Performance Management
    12-Apr-2019 Marketing Methods that Work for Us
    05-Apr-2019 Technical Forum
    28-Mar-2019 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    26-Mar-2019 Change Management
    22-Mar-2019 Contract Provisions that Will Save Your Business Headaches
    15-Mar-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Mar-2019 Business Forum
    08-Mar-2019 IT Data Security 101 for Business Owners and Managers - What you need to know (in PLAIN ENGLISH)
    01-Mar-2019 Technical Forum
    28-Feb-2019 Building Healthy Teams
    22-Feb-2019 Tax Law Changes for 2018 and Beyond - What You Need to Know Now
    19-Feb-2019 Sponsorship Opportunities for RPCN 5th Annual Awards Gala
    15-Feb-2019 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Feb-2019 Business Forum
    08-Feb-2019 Simon VISION Consulting
    01-Feb-2019 Technical Forum
    25-Jan-2019 Navigating the Financial Roadblocks for Consultants
    18-Jan-2019 Business Forum
    16-Jan-2019 Trust - the Essential Ingredient
    11-Jan-2019 RPCN...Opportunity outlook for the coming year, and how to benefit from them
    04-Jan-2019 Technical Forum
    28-Dec-2018 No Meeting This Friday
    21-Dec-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Dec-2018 Business Forum
    14-Dec-2018 3 Cures for the 800 lb. Phone Syndrome
    11-Dec-2018 RPCN 2018 Holiday Party
    07-Dec-2018 Technical Forum
    29-Nov-2018 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    16-Nov-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Nov-2018 Business Forum - SPECIAL LOCATION
    09-Nov-2018 On Target Consulting Process
    02-Nov-2018 Technical Forum
    26-Oct-2018 Coaching is an Attitude
    19-Oct-2018 RPCN Board Meeting - Note LOCATION and TIME
    19-Oct-2018 Business Forum --Note LOCATION and TIME
    12-Oct-2018 Meet Your Shadow and Maximize Your Potential
    05-Oct-2018 Technical Forum
    04-Oct-2018 "Absolutely Abby" to speak to RPCN on October 4
    28-Sep-2018 Cold, Warm, or Hot Sales Prospect: Which one is it?
    21-Sep-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Sep-2018 Business Forum
    14-Sep-2018 Sharing Technology Innovation & Small Business Journey to Success
    30-Aug-2018 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    24-Aug-2018 SCORE: Your Secret Weapon for Success
    17-Aug-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Aug-2018 Business Forum
    16-Aug-2018 RPCN Summer Fun! Join us for a fun night of beer and bourbon tasting!
    10-Aug-2018 NOTE Location Change: Everything you want to know about franchising but are afraid to ask
    03-Aug-2018 Technical Forum
    27-Jul-2018 "I don't like working for free - Getting Paid"
    20-Jul-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Jul-2018 Business Forum
    13-Jul-2018 Unleashing the Power of People (Note Location)
    06-Jul-2018 Technical Forum
    28-Jun-2018 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    22-Jun-2018 Get a Grip on Your Business: Six keys
    15-Jun-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Jun-2018 Business Forum
    08-Jun-2018 Blogging for Your Business -- NOTE LOCATION
    01-Jun-2018 Technical Forum
    25-May-2018 Surviving & Thriving In Today's Business Environment
    18-May-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-May-2018 Business Forum
    11-May-2018 Got Press?
    04-May-2018 Technical Forum
    27-Apr-2018 Connect with your confidence to optimize your performance
    20-Apr-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Apr-2018 Business Forum
    19-Apr-2018 4th Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Gala
    13-Apr-2018 How to ensure your customer is getting the best of you
    06-Apr-2018 Technical Forum -- Steve Royal returning as facilitator
    29-Mar-2018 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    23-Mar-2018 Communicate ideas through Drawing and Play
    20-Mar-2018 TrendTalk - How small businesses can engage with the new technology companies in the Rochester area.
    16-Mar-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Mar-2018 Business Forum
    09-Mar-2018 Livin’ Large – Outside Your Comfort Zone
    02-Mar-2018 Technical Forum
    23-Feb-2018 Users are Stupid or It's all about the user, Stupid!
    16-Feb-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Feb-2018 Business Forum
    09-Feb-2018 Crack Your Money Code from the inside out
    06-Feb-2018 2018 RPCN Business Boot Camp
    02-Feb-2018 Technical Forum
    26-Jan-2018 2018 Tax Update Seminar: Tax Outlook for Small Businesses
    25-Jan-2018 Mobile Device Security -- an Evening Meeting
    19-Jan-2018 (copy) RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Jan-2018 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Jan-2018 Business Forum
    12-Jan-2018 RPCN, the (Ad)Venture Grows
    29-Dec-2017 No Meeting -- Happy Holidays!
    26-Dec-2017 (copy) RPCN Board Meeting
    22-Dec-2017 No Meeting -- Happy Holidays!
    15-Dec-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Dec-2017 Business Forum
    12-Dec-2017 RPCN 2017 Holiday Dinner
    08-Dec-2017 The Changing Face of Employee Motivation
    01-Dec-2017 Technical Forum
    17-Nov-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Nov-2017 Business Forum
    10-Nov-2017 How Coworking is Impacting Local & Global Business Landscape: Chris Cooley
    03-Nov-2017 Technical Forum
    27-Oct-2017 The Truth About Branding
    26-Oct-2017 Google Your Business - G-Suite Tools
    20-Oct-2017 RPCN Board Meeting at Irondequoit Public Library
    20-Oct-2017 Business Forum -- SPECIAL LOCATION & TIME
    13-Oct-2017 The Vision Workshop: 3 Keys To Accelerating Your Results for Living the Life You Love Living
    06-Oct-2017 Technical Forum
    28-Sep-2017 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    22-Sep-2017 The three cures for the 800 pound phone syndrome
    15-Sep-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Sep-2017 Business Forum
    08-Sep-2017 Winning Tips for Steady Business Growth
    01-Sep-2017 Technical Forum
    25-Aug-2017 Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Change
    18-Aug-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Aug-2017 Business Forum
    11-Aug-2017 How to Retire While You Consult - LOCATION CHANGE!
    04-Aug-2017 Technical Forum
    28-Jul-2017 Writing and Living Your Personal Mission
    26-Jul-2017 RPCN Summer Dinner Cruise
    21-Jul-2017 RPCN Board Meeting: Special Location
    21-Jul-2017 Business Forum: Special Location
    14-Jul-2017 Adventures in Lifelong Learning: Our Amazing Brains
    07-Jul-2017 Technical Forum: Special TIME & LOCATION
    29-Jun-2017 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    23-Jun-2017 Find More Hours in Your Day
    16-Jun-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Jun-2017 Business Forum
    09-Jun-2017 Minute to Win It
    02-Jun-2017 Technical Forum
    31-May-2017 Google Your Business
    26-May-2017 Leverage LinkedIn for your business success.
    19-May-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-May-2017 Business Forum
    12-May-2017 The Millennial Connection
    05-May-2017 RPCN Technical Forum -- SPECIAL LOCATION!
    28-Apr-2017 Eight Steps to Solving All of Your Marketing Struggles
    26-Apr-2017 "Absolutely Abby" to speak to RPCN on April 26
    25-Apr-2017 Sponsorship Opportunities for RPCN 3rd Annual Awards Gala
    25-Apr-2017 3rd Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Gala
    21-Apr-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Apr-2017 Business Forum
    14-Apr-2017 Navigating Complexity
    07-Apr-2017 Technical Forum
    30-Mar-2017 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    24-Mar-2017 Fall In Love with Sales & Make More Money Consistently
    17-Mar-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Mar-2017 Business Forum
    10-Mar-2017 Leadership Lessons from Half Court - Note Location!
    07-Mar-2017 A Special "Ask the Expert" Event
    03-Mar-2017 RPCN Technical Forum
    24-Feb-2017 Google Your Business - POPSTPONED! Nick Francesco instead
    17-Feb-2017 Business Forum
    10-Feb-2017 Navigating Complexity
    07-Feb-2017 2017 RPCN Consulting Business Boot Camp
    03-Feb-2017 RPCN Technical Forum
    27-Jan-2017 Branding: Attract Clients and Stand Out
    20-Jan-2017 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Jan-2017 Business Forum
    13-Jan-2017 All Aboard the Innovation Ecosystem
    06-Jan-2017 RPCN Technical Forum
    29-Dec-2016 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    16-Dec-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Dec-2016 Business Forum
    09-Dec-2016 How to Find and Get Grants for Businesses and Nonprofits
    08-Dec-2016 RPCN Holiday Party
    02-Dec-2016 RPCN Technical Forum
    18-Nov-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Nov-2016 Business Forum
    11-Nov-2016 Time is money: Optimize your sales technique.
    04-Nov-2016 RPCN Technical Forum
    28-Oct-2016 Keep all your hats in order: Get Organized!
    26-Oct-2016 Lead - Market - Sell: Strategies for Small Business Conference
    26-Oct-2016 Conference Exhibitor Registration
    26-Oct-2016 Advertising Opportunity for Vendors
    26-Oct-2016 Sponsorship Opportunties for RPCN Small Business Conference
    21-Oct-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Oct-2016 Business Forum
    14-Oct-2016 Gaining Trust Through The Art Of Listening
    07-Oct-2016 RPCN Technical Forum
    29-Sep-2016 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    23-Sep-2016 Google: Get Your Business Online
    16-Sep-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Sep-2016 Business Forum
    09-Sep-2016 Google: Office Tools, Drive, And Chromebooks
    02-Sep-2016 RPCN Technical Forum
    26-Aug-2016 Using The Library As A Resource To Prospect For Clients
    19-Aug-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Aug-2016 Business Forum
    12-Aug-2016 Smart Prospecting – Lead Generation
    05-Aug-2016 RPCN Technical Forum
    28-Jul-2016 Colonial Belle Cruise
    22-Jul-2016 Launching a consulting practice (or any small business)
    15-Jul-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Jul-2016 Business Forum
    08-Jul-2016 Writing for Fulfillment: The Story Within™
    01-Jul-2016 Technical Forum
    24-Jun-2016 Advantages And Applications Of Design Thinking
    22-Jun-2016 RPCN Business Matchmaker Event
    17-Jun-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Jun-2016 Business Forum
    10-Jun-2016 Write That Blog!
    03-Jun-2016 Technical Forum
    27-May-2016 Smart Sales Strategies
    20-May-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-May-2016 Business Forum
    13-May-2016 Blueprint for Financial Success
    10-May-2016 Absolutely Abby
    06-May-2016 Technical Forum
    28-Apr-2016 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    22-Apr-2016 Blogging to Grow Your Business
    19-Apr-2016 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Wall of Fame Gala
    15-Apr-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Apr-2016 Business Forum
    08-Apr-2016 How To Promote Your Services Without Breaking Your Bank
    01-Apr-2016 Technical Forum
    25-Mar-2016 Something Different -- Round Tables & Breakout Sessions
    18-Mar-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Mar-2016 Business Forum
    11-Mar-2016 LinkedIn: How to Make It Work for You
    04-Mar-2016 Technical Forum
    26-Feb-2016 Members Showcase Panel Discussion
    25-Feb-2016 Economic Development TrendTalk Dinner
    19-Feb-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Feb-2016 Business Forum
    12-Feb-2016 Navigating The Financial Roadblocks For Consultants
    05-Feb-2016 Technical Forum
    02-Feb-2016 2016 RPCN Consulting Business Boot Camp
    28-Jan-2016 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    22-Jan-2016 2016 Tax Update Seminar
    15-Jan-2016 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Jan-2016 Business Forum
    08-Jan-2016 New Year Kickoff
    01-Jan-2016 NO Technical Forum
    18-Dec-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Dec-2015 Business Forum
    11-Dec-2015 So Ya Wanna Consult
    10-Dec-2015 RPCN Holiday Party
    04-Dec-2015 Technical Forum
    20-Nov-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Nov-2015 Business Forum
    13-Nov-2015 Concepts Of Building A Conscious Business & Organization
    06-Nov-2015 Technical Forum
    29-Oct-2015 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    23-Oct-2015 Health Insurance 2016 Open enrollment: What small businesses need to know
    16-Oct-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Oct-2015 Business Forum
    09-Oct-2015 A Taste of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK
    02-Oct-2015 Technical Forum
    25-Sep-2015 Key Do’s and Don’t’s for Patenting Inventions
    18-Sep-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Sep-2015 Business Forum
    11-Sep-2015 The Art and Science of Marketing Success
    04-Sep-2015 Technical Forum
    28-Aug-2015 Incubators and Consultants
    21-Aug-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Aug-2015 Business Forum
    14-Aug-2015 Estate Planning for Small Business
    07-Aug-2015 Technical Forum
    30-Jul-2015 Colonial Belle Dinner Cruise
    24-Jul-2015 Three Keys To Position & Sell 5-Figure Contracts
    22-Jul-2015 Networking for Leaders – Building Magical Relationships
    17-Jul-2015 RPCN Board Meeting -- Location Change
    17-Jul-2015 Business Forum -- Location Change
    10-Jul-2015 3 Common Myths Consultants Buy Into That Keeps Them Stuck
    03-Jul-2015 Technical Forum
    26-Jun-2015 Running Effective Meetings
    19-Jun-2015 RPCN Board Meeting - Location Change
    19-Jun-2015 Business Forum (Location Change)
    12-Jun-2015 Health Insurance Options Available Through the Individual and Small Group Marketplace
    05-Jun-2015 Technical Forum
    28-May-2015 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    22-May-2015 Cyber Security: Critical IT Security Protections Every Business Must Have
    15-May-2015 RPCN Board Meeting - Location Change
    15-May-2015 Business Forum (Location Change)
    08-May-2015 Everything you always wanted to know about intellectual property but were afraid to ask
    01-May-2015 Technical Forum (Location Change)
    24-Apr-2015 Enlightened Leadership: The Rising Spirit Of Leadership
    21-Apr-2015 Entrepreneur Wall of Fame Gala
    17-Apr-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Apr-2015 Business Forum
    10-Apr-2015 Writing a Winning Project Proposal
    07-Apr-2015 Small Business Success Conference
    06-Apr-2015 RPCN Dinner with Dr. Bruce Katcher
    03-Apr-2015 Technical Forum
    27-Mar-2015 How to Speak to Grow Your Business
    20-Mar-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Mar-2015 Business Forum
    13-Mar-2015 An Introduction to Bitcoin
    06-Mar-2015 Technical Forum
    27-Feb-2015 Refining Your Business Etiquette
    20-Feb-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Feb-2015 Business Forum
    13-Feb-2015 The Domain Name System - What It Is and How It Works
    06-Feb-2015 Technical Forum
    03-Feb-2015 RPCN Consulting Business Boot Camp
    29-Jan-2015 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    23-Jan-2015 Living Authentically: A Business Strategy
    16-Jan-2015 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Jan-2015 Business Forum
    09-Jan-2015 Annual Tax Update Seminar
    02-Jan-2015 Technical Forum
    26-Dec-2014 No RPCN Meeting December 26
    19-Dec-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Dec-2014 Business Forum
    12-Dec-2014 Great Consulting Service, But Who Needs It?
    05-Dec-2014 Technical Forum
    28-Nov-2014 No RPCN Meeting November 28
    21-Nov-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Nov-2014 Business Forum
    14-Nov-2014 Sales Sucks and What to Do about It
    07-Nov-2014 Technical Forum
    30-Oct-2014 RPCN "Surprise Thursday" Social
    24-Oct-2014 Close The Expert-Novice Chasm To Achieve Positive Outcomes
    17-Oct-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Oct-2014 Business Forum
    10-Oct-2014 Improving Profits Through Top-Notch Listening
    03-Oct-2014 Technical Forum
    26-Sep-2014 Transforming Kodak Alaris: A customer-driven approach
    24-Sep-2014 Erie Canal Cruise and Dinner
    19-Sep-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Sep-2014 Business Forum
    12-Sep-2014 Helping Your Clients Understand Theirs
    05-Sep-2014 Technical Forum
    28-Aug-2014 Surprise Thursday is coming!!
    22-Aug-2014 Networking for Introverts
    15-Aug-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Aug-2014 Business Forum
    08-Aug-2014 Why and How to Blog
    01-Aug-2014 Technical Forum
    25-Jul-2014 The Skype VOIP Program and How to Use It
    24-Jul-2014 Exposing the Hidden Consulting Market
    18-Jul-2014 RPCN Board Meeting -- Location Change
    18-Jul-2014 Business Forum -- Location Change
    11-Jul-2014 Strategic Foresight: Equipping you for competitive advantage in the now & future
    04-Jul-2014 No RPCN Meeting on Friday, July 4
    27-Jun-2014 Hit the ground running - Starting a new sales effort.
    20-Jun-2014 RPCN Board Meeting-- Location Change
    20-Jun-2014 Business Forum
    13-Jun-2014 Franchising as a Business: A practical overview of the pitfalls and advantages
    06-Jun-2014 Technical Forum
    29-May-2014 RPCN Thursday Social Meeting at Genesee Brewhouse
    23-May-2014 Microsoft in the Cloud
    16-May-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-May-2014 Business Forum
    15-May-2014 Sponsorship Opportunities for TrendTalk: Challenges and Opportunities in the Rochester High-Tech Sector
    15-May-2014 TrendTalk: Challenges and Opportunities in Rochester’s Human Services Sector
    09-May-2014 Is your Product or Service What Customers Want?
    02-May-2014 Technical Forum -- Location Change --Brighton Town Hall
    25-Apr-2014 How to Effectively Use Google AdWords
    18-Apr-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Apr-2014 Business Forum
    11-Apr-2014 Technology for Consultants: An Overview
    04-Apr-2014 Technical Forum
    28-Mar-2014 The State of the Economy: Current Economic Trends
    21-Mar-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Mar-2014 Business Forum
    14-Mar-2014 Improvise your way to successful collaboration -- LOCATION CHANGE
    07-Mar-2014 Technical Forum
    28-Feb-2014 Beautiful Questions to Guide a Consultants Career
    21-Feb-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Feb-2014 Business Forum
    14-Feb-2014 The Greater Rochester Region - Poised for Greatness!
    07-Feb-2014 Technical Forum
    31-Jan-2014 No MeetingJan. 31
    30-Jan-2014 Thursday Evening Social Gathering
    24-Jan-2014 Practical Application of Web Technologies for Consultants
    17-Jan-2014 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Jan-2014 Business Forum
    10-Jan-2014 Annual Tax Update
    03-Jan-2014 Technical Forum -- Location Change
    27-Dec-2013 No Meeting
    20-Dec-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Dec-2013 Business Forum
    13-Dec-2013 Caring for Clients and the Power of Presence
    06-Dec-2013 Technical Forum
    29-Nov-2013 No Meeting
    22-Nov-2013 Using newsletters to tell your story
    15-Nov-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Nov-2013 Business Forum
    08-Nov-2013 Best Year of your Life - How to Set and Achieve Goals for 2014
    01-Nov-2013 Technical Forum
    25-Oct-2013 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Small Businesses
    18-Oct-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Oct-2013 Business Forum
    16-Oct-2013 TrendTalk: Challenges and Opportunities in the Rochester High-Tech Sector
    11-Oct-2013 Fraud Busting: Prevention and Detection for your Business
    04-Oct-2013 Technical Forum
    27-Sep-2013 RPCN Survey Results
    20-Sep-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Sep-2013 Business Forum
    13-Sep-2013 How Consultants Make Money (Note: Extended Program)
    06-Sep-2013 Technical Forum
    23-Aug-2013 Beyond IRA’s: Retirement Plan Options for Consultants
    18-Aug-2013 RPCN Picnic
    16-Aug-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Aug-2013 Business Forum (with special guest)
    09-Aug-2013 Genesee County: Regional Opportunities
    02-Aug-2013 Technical Forum
    26-Jul-2013 Patenting Under the America Invents Act (AIA)
    19-Jul-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Jul-2013 Business Forum
    12-Jul-2013 Getting the most out of your trade show experience
    05-Jul-2013 Technical Forum -- CANCELLED
    28-Jun-2013 Pinterest for Business
    21-Jun-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Jun-2013 Business Forum
    14-Jun-2013 Demystifying Client Attraction
    07-Jun-2013 Technical Forum - Location Change
    31-May-2013 OACES Program: Influential Leadership
    24-May-2013 OACES Program: Telling Your Organization's Story
    24-May-2013 How to Use Your Blog to Build Your Business
    17-May-2013 Making Decisions Based on Facts - Excel Business Model
    17-May-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-May-2013 Business Forum
    10-May-2013 OACES Program: Team Building - It's More Than a Job!
    10-May-2013 Communication using Google
    03-May-2013 OACES Program: Grants Workshop: How to Find and Get Grants
    03-May-2013 Technical Forum - Location Change
    26-Apr-2013 OACES Program: Engaging Community Partners
    26-Apr-2013 Eastman Business Park
    19-Apr-2013 OACES Program: Understanding E-body (Online) Language -- CANCELLED
    19-Apr-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Apr-2013 Business Forum
    12-Apr-2013 Generating Evidence-Based Outcomes
    05-Apr-2013 Technical Forum
    29-Mar-2013 No Meeting
    22-Mar-2013 7 Steps to Marketing Success
    15-Mar-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Mar-2013 Business Forum
    08-Mar-2013 Sandy Parker
    01-Mar-2013 Technical Forum
    22-Feb-2013 Data Visualization
    15-Feb-2013 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Feb-2013 Business Forum
    08-Feb-2013 Perspectives on Retiring in Time: for yourself, your clients, your family, your legacy
    01-Feb-2013 Technical Forum
    25-Jan-2013 Google Analytics
    18-Jan-2013 RPCN Board Meeting -- Location Change
    18-Jan-2013 Business Forum -- Location Change
    11-Jan-2013 The Alliance Consultancy Business Model
    04-Jan-2013 Technical Forum
    28-Dec-2012 No Meeting December 28
    21-Dec-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Dec-2012 Business Forum
    14-Dec-2012 Tax Update for 2012
    07-Dec-2012 Technical Forum
    30-Nov-2012 How to Keep Your Computer from Catching a Cold or Flu
    23-Nov-2012 No Meeting November 23
    16-Nov-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Nov-2012 Business Forum
    09-Nov-2012 Communicating Your Value
    02-Nov-2012 Technical Forum
    26-Oct-2012 Communication 101
    19-Oct-2012 RPCN Board Meeting--Location Change
    19-Oct-2012 Business Forum--Location Change
    12-Oct-2012 Business Success - It's All In Your Head!!
    05-Oct-2012 Technical Forum -- Location Change -- NO WI-FI AVAILABLE
    28-Sep-2012 What is Six Sigma? -- Location Change --
    21-Sep-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Sep-2012 Business Forum
    14-Sep-2012 Inbound Marketing--Location Change
    07-Sep-2012 Technical Forum--Location Change
    31-Aug-2012 Get R.E.A.L: Unleashing Your Passion with PRsonality--Location Change
    24-Aug-2012 Market Research at the Central Library---Location Change
    17-Aug-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Aug-2012 Business Forum
    10-Aug-2012 Business Solutions Forums
    03-Aug-2012 RPCN Leadership Retreat
    03-Aug-2012 Technical Forum
    29-Jul-2012 RPCN Picnic
    27-Jul-2012 Excel for Business Applications
    20-Jul-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Jul-2012 Business Forum
    13-Jul-2012 Pinterest --What Is It?
    06-Jul-2012 Technical Forum
    29-Jun-2012 Cloud Computing--What's in It for You?
    22-Jun-2012 Leading With Your Strengths
    22-Jun-2012 Advanced Excel Workshop
    15-Jun-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Jun-2012 Business Forum
    08-Jun-2012 Cultivate Influence
    07-Jun-2012 Career Initiative for 16-24 year olds
    01-Jun-2012 Technical Forum
    31-May-2012 Get Ready for "Ready, Set, Go!"
    25-May-2012 The America Invents Act – How It Alters Your Ability to Patent Your Invention
    18-May-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-May-2012 Business Forum
    17-May-2012 Get Ready for "Ready, Set, Go!"
    11-May-2012 Effective Problem Solving
    04-May-2012 Technical Forum
    27-Apr-2012 OACES/RPCN Literacy Zone – Professional Development Workshops - Organizing
    27-Apr-2012 How to Write a Business Plan
    20-Apr-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Apr-2012 Business Forum
    13-Apr-2012 Getting Yourself into Print
    06-Apr-2012 Technical Forum
    30-Mar-2012 Customer 3D: A New Dimension
    23-Mar-2012 Take Back Your Life: Using Microsoft Outlook to increase Your Productivity
    16-Mar-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Mar-2012 Business Forum
    09-Mar-2012 LinkedIn and Twitter Workshop
    02-Mar-2012 Technical Forum
    24-Feb-2012 Consultant as Leader
    17-Feb-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Feb-2012 Business Forum
    10-Feb-2012 Excel Workshop
    07-Feb-2012 RPCN Consulting Bootcamp
    03-Feb-2012 Technical Forum
    03-Feb-2012 Technical Forum
    27-Jan-2012 Quickbooks Workshop
    20-Jan-2012 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-Jan-2012 Business Forum
    13-Jan-2012 Tax Presentation
    06-Jan-2012 Technical Forum
    30-Dec-2011 No Meeting -- Fifth Friday
    23-Dec-2011 No Meeting -- Holiday Week
    18-Dec-2011 RPCN Christmas Party
    16-Dec-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Dec-2011 Business Forum
    09-Dec-2011 Create a Sizzling Brand
    02-Dec-2011 Technical Forum
    25-Nov-2011 No Meeting -- Thanksgiving Holiday
    18-Nov-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Nov-2011 Business Forum
    11-Nov-2011 How Usable Is Your Web Site?
    04-Nov-2011 Technical Forum
    28-Oct-2011 Impression Management, Skill Lab
    21-Oct-2011 RPCN Board Meeting - Location Change
    21-Oct-2011 Business Forum - Location Change
    14-Oct-2011 Impression Management, Using Your First 3 Seconds to Create a Lasting Impression
    07-Oct-2011 Technical Forum - Location Change - No Wi-Fi
    30-Sep-2011 Social Media Forum
    23-Sep-2011 The Truth About Grants
    16-Sep-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    16-Sep-2011 Business Forum
    09-Sep-2011 2011 RPCN Strategy Session --Location Change
    02-Sep-2011 Technical Forum
    28-Aug-2011 RPCN Picnic
    26-Aug-2011 Accountability Groups & RPCN Consultants Incubator
    19-Aug-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Aug-2011 Business Forum
    12-Aug-2011 RPCN Incubator: Mentoring
    05-Aug-2011 Technical Forum
    29-Jul-2011 How a Consultant Made Himself Successful
    22-Jul-2011 Advanced Mail Merge Workshop--Special Location
    15-Jul-2011 Business Forum
    08-Jul-2011 RIT "Venture Creations" Business Incubator & RPCN Consulants Incubator
    01-Jul-2011 Technical Forum
    30-Jun-2011 Social Media Forum
    24-Jun-2011 Mail Merge Workshop--Location Change
    17-Jun-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Jun-2011 Business Forum
    10-Jun-2011 Messaging That Works!
    03-Jun-2011 Technical Forum
    27-May-2011 WORD Styles Workshop
    20-May-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    20-May-2011 Business Forum
    19-May-2011 Social Media Forum
    13-May-2011 Panel Discussion: Networking Techniques
    06-May-2011 Technical Forum
    29-Apr-2011 Small Business Expo
    22-Apr-2011 Skype II Workshop--Location & Time Change
    15-Apr-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    15-Apr-2011 Business Forum
    14-Apr-2011 Social Media Forum
    01-Apr-2011 Technical Forum
    25-Mar-2011 Profile Marketing and SEO 101
    24-Mar-2011 Social Media Forum: Note Special Date: 4th Thursday
    18-Mar-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Mar-2011 Business Forum
    11-Mar-2011 Marketing and Consulting to Non-Profits
    04-Mar-2011 Technical Forum
    25-Feb-2011 Microsoft Office Workshop
    18-Feb-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    18-Feb-2011 Business Forum
    17-Feb-2011 Social Media Forum -- Location Change
    11-Feb-2011 Getting the Respect You Deserve, Without Self-Sabotage
    04-Feb-2011 Technical Forum
    28-Jan-2011 Skype Workshop
    21-Jan-2011 RPCN Board Meeting
    21-Jan-2011 Business Forum
    20-Jan-2011 Social Media Forum
    14-Jan-2011 Annual Tax Update
    07-Jan-2011 Technical Forum
    31-Dec-2010 No Meeting--New Year's Eve
    24-Dec-2010 No Meeting--Holiday Week
    17-Dec-2010 RPCN Board Meeting
    17-Dec-2010 Business Forum
    16-Dec-2010 Social Media Forum
    10-Dec-2010 Marketing in the 21st Century
    03-Dec-2010 Technical Forum
    26-Nov-2010 No Meeting--Thanksgiving Holiday
    19-Nov-2010 RPCN Board Meeting
    19-Nov-2010 Business Forum
    17-Nov-2010 Social Networking Forum Canceled
    12-Nov-2010 Harvesting Your Marketing Efforts--Replacement Event
    05-Nov-2010 Technical Forum
    29-Oct-2010 RPCN Strategy Session II
    28-Oct-2010 Social Media Forum
    22-Oct-2010 Windows 7 Workshop -- Special Time & Location
    15-Oct-2010 Business Forum -- Location Change
    01-Oct-2010 Technical Forum
    24-Sep-2010 Financial Workshop
    17-Sep-2010 Business Forum
    15-Sep-2010 Writing Your Business Plan
    10-Sep-2010 Take Advantage of the RPCN Web Site
    03-Sep-2010 Technical Forum
    27-Aug-2010 Market Research & Competitive Analysis Workshop
    21-Aug-2010 RPCN 20th Anniversary Celebration Picnic
    20-Aug-2010 Business Forum
    19-Aug-2010 Strategy Workshop
    06-Aug-2010 Technical Forum
    29-Jul-2010 RPCN Open House
    16-Jul-2010 Business Forum
    09-Jul-2010 Technology: Tools For Business - Part 2
    02-Jul-2010 Technical Forum
    25-Jun-2010 Excel Workshop
    25-Jun-2010 LinkedIn Workshop
    18-Jun-2010 Business Forum
    11-Jun-2010 Technology: Tools For Business
    10-Jun-2010 Social Media Forum
    04-Jun-2010 Technical Forum
    28-May-2010 Google Collaboration Tools
    21-May-2010 Business Forum
    14-May-2010 Building Trust
    07-May-2010 Technical Forum
    30-Apr-2010 Introduction to the New RPCN Website
    23-Apr-2010 Facebook for Business Workshop
    16-Apr-2010 Business Forum
    15-Apr-2010 Social Media Forum
    09-Apr-2010 Branding
    02-Apr-2010 Technical Forum
    18-Mar-2010 Social Media Forum



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